TEA TIME! ☕ Rosali Tea Review Giveaway! ☕ VIDEO

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial day. I took a little break and still have a few other videos to share with you from over the weekend. Hopefully later today or tomorrow I will have them up and live for you! In the meantime I thought I would go over a new monthly subscription box that I tried out. Everything is in the video....and below is more photos, information and the giveaway link! :) Hope you enjoy! 

When I was contacted from Rosali Tea I couldn't have been more excited. I am a huge tea lover and the thought of a new monthly tea subscription just made me happy. I was lucky to receive one of their beautiful boxes to test out and share with you! It comes packaged in a really nice box. It slides open from the side to reveal some amazing teas. 
 This little box came packed with all kind of goodies! There were 3 loose teas with information cards for each. There was a ton of other information cards as well. They included tea filters...little disposable bags that the loose tea goes in. The also included a cute wooden scoop and some natural honey sticks to sweeten it up!

The teas are gorgeous to say the least. They are packed with lots of health benefits. Each is packed full of antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins. The teas offer all natural energy and nutrients. Rosali Tea source from artisans who handcraft and blend their teas in small batches.

 After reading the information card that was included, I decided I would test out the teas as suggested. One in the morning which has the most caffine, one in the afternoon and then the herbal tea before bed.

All the teas were super good. My favorite was for sure the White Jasmine Rose. I surprisingly liked the  Lemon Rose Chamomile as well. It was easier to get down than I expected. The morning Sencha Matcha Bliss was my least favorite but it was still pretty good. I didn't want to add a bunch of sugar to my tea. I did add a little rock sugar to the Sencha Matcha Bliss because I really thought it needed it. I used a honey stick that they provided in the White Jasmine Rose which was perfect and with the herbal Lemon Rose Chamomile I left out all sweeteners being I was going to bed. 

The Rosali Tea website is so easy for anyone to use. You can there right here and check it out for yourself. There is a small quiz that allows them to get to know your tea taste better so they can fill the boxes with teas that will suit you! For $14.95 a month you will get a box with the same kind of items I got with teas picked out for you! Tea experts personalizes your tea box based on your preferences and around the 10th of the month this adorable monthly subscription will arrive in your mailbox! 

I absolutely love this company and their monthly tea subscription box and I think you would love it too! There is a giveaway. It's being held by Rosali Tea and is not exactly like my other giveaways. You will have to go here to get entered. The giveaway is going to go on for 2 weeks. But you have to use that link and answer a few simple questions. If you love tea or want to try something new you should for sure get entered! The giveaway is going to go on for 2 weeks. They Rosali Tea will pick and notify the winner.  :)  Also if you want to just sign up or buy tea off their website, you can use KISHA20 for 20% off your first purchase! I don't think anyone who tries out these teas will be disappointed. And I love that they count towards our water intake. It's a great option to try wonderful new teas from all around the world. If you have any questions or comments be sure to let me know! Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have a great day. xx

Favorite Monthly Subscriptions: Ipsy & The Planner Addict Box! | Video |

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Afternoon friends! I hope you're day is going well. I am actually enjoying the bad weather that just arrived. I love the rain! Anyway, I am back today sharing a couple of my favorite monthly subscription boxes. :) Of course it's Ipsy and The Planner Addict Box. These are super fun monthly subscriptions that I love getting in the snail mail every month. Here's what came in the May boxes..bags! Hope you enjoy.:) 

I have been working hard on trying to stick to some kind of regular youtube schedule. Hopefully I will keep up with it over the weekend! If you have any questions or comments, be sure to let me know. You can also find links in the sidebar → in case you are interested in signing up for one or both yourself. Have a beautiful and blessed afternoon. xx

2016 Planning Series { Travel Journals } Video & Giveaway!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hello friends! Today I am back with another video in my 2016 Planner Series. This time I am going over some new travel journals that I have fallen in love with. You can check everything out in the video....there are more photos and the giveaway form below. Hope you enjoy! 

This Mead Travel Journal I found at Target for around $15.00. I absolutely loved it when I saw it.  There are 3 different sections with lined paper, craft paper and grid paper in between. It has a ton of pockets for any additional travel items you would like to keep. I love the rings that secure this journal together so you can either take a page out to work on it and it gives you room to build it up. 

I plan on using this to record some trips we already took and I will continue to fill it up with even more day/weekend/ trips and vacations. 

Another Travel Journal of sorts that I love is this one I found on Etsy in PooBirds Rarities Shop.  I thought the design of this was nice. And I love that you can customize it with the states that you wish. I got this one done in a South Carolina/Indiana theme. 

For this one, I plan on making it our moving journal. I have saved so much stuff from our move from South Carolina to Indiana and this book will be amazing to document it. I love how much effort she puts in these little travel journals! If you are interested in getting one of the notebooks right now, Jennifer is giving us a 15% discount using the code: TNLOVE2016

And since I love them...I thought you would as well. So I am giving one each way to a couple of you lucky winners!  You have till June 8th to get entered. You do not need a facebook account but you do have to share your email. There are a lot of ways to get entered below...to earn more entries! The winner will be announced on THIS BLOG POST. Good Luck! 

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I am so in love with these travel journals and I couldn't wait to share them with you! As I mentioned in the video above, I plan on not just doing a show and tell, I also plan on doing flip throughs when  they are done! Stay tuned...more coming in 2016! Let me know if you have any questions or comments! xx

Tuesday Truths :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great evening. I am finally back sharing a new Tuesday Truths post...hope you enjoy!

- Life has got so much better in so many ways. The move took a lot out of us all but I am finally feeling settled and I am so much more happier. I feel like I sat down a huge bag of bricks. 

- Tonight I had a ton of errands. Evening errands are not my favorite but it just made me grateful for getting to this point to where I can relax now. 

- I am working hard on keeping up with my youtube schedule. I have to work on the blog post but I have tomorrows video already uploaded....which makes me so happy! 

- Scott still seems to really being enjoying his job. Still a bit nervous but I am trying to just let go of my negative thoughts....he's always taken care of us and thats what I need to remember. 

- I went to a cheer meet with Brittany last night. It was for the parents and I learned so much. I learned it very expensive....lots to do. They cheer rain or shine at every game. The cheerleader contacts the coach...not mom and dad. I learned all about the powder puff game that we all have to help out on. It was a good meeting....and I am happy that I was finally here for it. 

- Speaking of sports...Jackson is starting soccer in a couple of weeks. He's really excited and Zane is starting football in July as well. I love that all the kids are getting settled in. We are going to be so busy! The kids are really bringing me out of my shell. 

- I am still dreaming of a new GoldenDoodle puppy. I think it would be great for Cooper. I wish the yard was a bit larger with 2 dogs but I think we would do just fine! I think my mom might just get it for me instead of the piano. I think between the two the puppy would make us happier! 

- Sleeping with Scott is still hard. I wish he would just go to the Dr. He actually wakes me up out of a dead sleep with the snoring. He's not embarrassed.....but I think he is starting to realize it's really effecting his sleep...mine too! But we keep trying. Part of me feels like we are trying this because everyone else wanted it...and another part of me knows we missed each other as well. I wish there was a happy medium. 

- I really need to clean up the files on my laptop. I think that sounds like a weekend kind of job. 

- I am loving that I am not dealing with those neighbors in South Carolina any longer. I bet Oreo is running the streets again. I am sure they tossed him right out after we moved. We think about him a lot. But the neighbors here are so much nicer and respectful. That alone I am grateful for. 

- I am watching the finale of Dancing with the Stars and The Voice tonight. I think I like Dancing with the Stars the best because I get the music and dancing at the same time! I love it. Pitbull was just on...and I love him too! 

- I still haven't been to the apple store. I doubt I am going to get that video footage off....and really time has moved on since it broke. Yea....it's just not worth it. 

- Are you guys tired of hearing about Trump or Hilary? I sure am. But I would rather put my dog in the White House over Donald Trump. No. No. No. 

- My car really needs cleaned out. We are basically living in it some days..another weekend job. For Scott! 

- Scott and I have slowly been looking for furniture. We have to stick to a budget. Throwing it on a credit card is not going to happen. I think Ikea would be perfect for the kids. Besides putting it together. Same goes for my desk. The living room furniture is another story. So many decisions. 

- I talked to my younger niece today for the first time in years. She is all grown up with a beautiful baby. It felt amazing to catch up with her. Little by little we will get around to everyone we have been missing. 

- There is a new show on Amazon...Julian Fellowes Presents Doctor Thorne from the writers of Downton Abbey. I haven't watched any let but I look forward to watching the first show tonight when I am in bed...which won't be long from now. 

- Brittany has been studying all night for 2 tests tomorrow. I admit, the math looks incredibly complicated and the science is no better. Thank God she is smarter than I was. Thank God she is better than I was. All hopes and dreams are for our kids. I just want them to do good...be happy and enjoy their lives.

- I am starting to get to know the UPS guy. So nice...I wish Cooper wouldn't scare him so much! 

- I am creating a gallery wall of photos. I think I am going to stick to black and white. Trying to select them all has been hard. I am going to take up paper to make sure I have the layout right but having our favorite photos in our home really makes me happy. I have already updated some, but we have a lot online that we just have to get printed out. 

- I am dreaming of a long hot bath... and in just a few minutes that's exactly what's happening.

- The truth this Tuesday is life is good. This post is normally a snarky kind of blog post but I just don't have anything to really complain about this week. I feel blessed, happy and at peace. I hope you have a great night. xx

Get Ready w/ Me Featuring L'OREAL LUMI CUSHION FOUNDATION! | Video |

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I am back with a new Get Ready w/ Me video sharing my thoughts on the L'oreal Lumi Cushion Foundation. I found this a month or so ago at Walgreens. I was so impressed with it for a simple spring foundation that I had to share it! Hope you enjoy!

I think it gives a really natural look and perfect for everyday. I don't always want a full heavy face of foundation and makeup on. I feel like this gives me enough coverage that I don't feel bare faced but again...it's light.  I think it's still a bit pricey for a drugstore foundation $15.00 but I feel like it's really worth it. It's so less messy than a pump or open bottle. This way you can take your liquid foundation with you in a cute compact. Easy Peasy! Thanks so much for stopping by today. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Also later this evening I will be back with a new Tuesday Truths blog post! xx

DITL Vlog x2: Week in Review May 16-23, 2016 w/ Weekly To Do's

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. It's a fresh start...a beautiful day with so much potential. I am doing my best to get back on schedule so today I am sharing not one but 2 Day in the life vlogs! :) I had a lot of footage and thought it would be best to break apart the week and weekend. There have been some issues with the first video freezing towards the end. I am so sorry abou that. The audio is there if you just want to listen....hope you enjoy! 

This next day in the life vlog takes you through our weekend...

This past week has been really good. Scott and I have been doing pretty good and life feels like its starting to strike a balance. There is still more than I need to do, people I need to see but I am starting to feel settled...or maybe I am feeling more at peace than anything else. I have switched up the routines more and have been doing my best to walk Cooper on a daily basis. It's just not just for him. It's also for me. It's become a great way to clear my head while enjoying some fresh air. Plus we both could use the exercise.

Also this week, I got a lot done online. Taking time to actually sit down at the computer and answer emails, comments, updating the blog and social media...is a job within itself. But I just made it a priority to do it. The same goes with the mounds of desk work that I need to go through and get it done. Also on that list of things I got done was get a new po box! I need one for products that are being sent to me to review but most importantly I needed one for you guys! I never want you to send me stuff but many of you send thoughtful cards and such. You can always find the address in the downbar of my youtube videos and on my contact me page. While I was out running errands I switched over the bank accounts as well. I guess we really are getting established here. I am still kinda in shock about it all but I feel blessed to be here with all the kids.

Thursday Brittany went to Neils game. I am not going to say I am super happy about her having a boyfriend. It's the opposite in fact. And last year this time I wasn't feeling it at all. But little by little I came to realize that life moves right along rather I like it or not. Little by little I got to know his mother, Neil, friends who actually know him and I feel a little better. He has a great family. I think his mom is great. We see eye to eye on all of it with these two but I know they are growing up. There are serious boundaries in place. I'm still very nervous. :) However, we made it late to the game but it was fun watching for a few minutes. The weather was great, Brittany and Kenzie were sitting with Neils mom. It was the last game of the season and Neils team won! It was really nice. There are a lot more sports events in our future. This next year is promised to be full of soccer, football, baseball and Brittany cheering. And I never cared for sports games! It's different when it's your own kids and I will be there.

Friday night Scott and I had a little date. The move really did take up good 2 months and we just didn't make that much time for each other. So we thought a night out alone....without kids would be fun. On our oldest daughters suggestion we headed out to Sapporo Sushi & Sake Bar & Restaurant.
We had a really nice time. There was a long wait...perfect time for a cocktail and talking...people watching...and occasionally a text to the kids. The would find us anywhere we went! We had a great dinner. Salads...soup...I got a plate of assorted nigiri sushi. It's basically sticky rice and raw fish. Scott got something a little more exotic. His came in aluminum foil, which got set on fire. It burned for about 3-5 minutes and then he opened it up....to some delicious sushi. He loved it. The night out was good for us. Stress free...kid free...and fun! The food was simply amazing. Probably some of the best sushi I have ever had. And we got out of there at a very reasonable price. I am definitely going again!

Over the weekend I did a little shopping...you can see the haul here. I got this really cute cheeseburger cake from Meijers. I thought it was so cute. Brittany had a few friends over and I thought it would be a great ending to a pasta dinner. I am shocked that they ate more salad than anything else. But I am really happy about it. Maybe we will start having more salads....maybe a little more fish. I love a good summer salad. And this week so far it feels like maybe it's back around. I think we are suppose to have 80 degree days all week long. Thank you God. ♥ 

Sunday I stayed home and got a lot done around the house. Monday's are a busy day for me at the computer. I don't do a lot of cleaning besides my regular routines at the beginning of the week. So I like to do a little more on Sundays when I can. It just makes the job easier in the middle of the week when I clean the entire house. I feel like I am kinda caught up right now but there is so much that I really want to get done. Lot's actually. Here's a few of those to do's I hope to get done this week. 

:: Clean out frig
::Answer Emails
:: Walk Cooper 2x day
:: Look for plants for around the house.
:: Finish customizing moms gift...that I should have had done weeks ago.
::Work on Youtube Schedule
:: Update Family Calendar
:: Cheer Meeting on Monday evening.
:: Cheer Uniform fitting on Tuesday evening
:: Clean up DVR
:: Repaint Nails
:: Put up last load of laundry
:: Buy husby some snore spray..doubting it will work but willing to try anything.
:: Pick out photos for gallery wall.
:: Charge fitbit.
:: Change address on subscription boxes
:: Call about planner accessory purchase that never came in. :(
:: Buy new grill this week sometime
:: Continue to journal daily
:: Groom Cats
:: Look for a tree for the back yard
:: Get treadmill hooked up for Cooper...and myself
:: Clean jewelry
:: Start some organizational projects this week.
:: Make some sangria..yep..sounds so good!
:: Send out thank you notes
:: Bring freezer inside.
:: Food prep for a couple dinners this week...tonight and tomrorow.
:: Buy some tomato plants
:: Bath Cooper over the weekend

Here's some inspiration to take with you throughout the week:
Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you have a wonderful week. I hope to have a new video up daily but a few extra blog posts this week. Be sure to come back and check them out! xx

What's Cookin' | Our Daily Meals | Video

Hello everyone! I am finally back sharing a new What's Cookin' video taking you through our daily meals. With everything going on with the move there has been less cooking. Plus I lost a lot of footage when I broke my phone last week. Some of these meals are before we left and the other half are meals from our new house. Hope you enjoy! 

A lot of these meals were bigger meaning we got more than one dinner out of them. For busy weeks I like to start out the week with a larger meal and then have leftovers later in that same week. It saves time, money and energy and there are plenty of meals you can make larger to help out. In fact, tonight was leftovers! :) Let me know if you have any questions or comments! Have a great night. xx

Quick Weekend Shopping Haul!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. I have been so lazy today...sooner or later I am going to have to do something to wake up and get with it! I just didn't sleep that well last night and all the coffee in the world isn't going to change that. Anyway, I am back with a new quick shopping haul for you guys. I went to Meijers to pick up a few things that we needed including a pretty cute cake! Hope you enjoy! 

I doubt I will have to go back until Friday but we don't have the big pantry any longer so it's hard figuring out where to put it all. And I should say regarding Coopers food it's only temporary until we figure out a good senior diet dog food. Thanks so much for watching. xx

New House Tour | Indiana | → Video!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hello friends! How is your Thursday going!? Mine has been so productive. :) So as you can see, I am finally sharing our new house tour. I debated on doing this for a long time. Should I share our home. Should I share the outside? Well after really thinking about it, I decided on just going ahead and showing you our home. I am not sharing our address or even the city. Here's a peek inside.......hope you enjoy! 

Scott found this home when he was up here before we were. I wasn't really sure about the house, the location and the neighborhood. However, God blessed me...us. Because after living here for a few weeks now, I really love the house, the area and yes....even the neighborhood. This little friendly neighborhood is in the middle of nowhere really and I actually feel secure here. My attitude over this house and area has truly improved. I had to really think about what mattered to me. I probably could live in a box under the bridge and be happy knowing I am in the same area as my children. It's been a long time coming and I don't hate Indiana any longer. I might be a little bitchy in the heart of winter but I am really working hard to focus on what's good. And being with my kids is soooooo good. I don't think I will ever move away again. Nope. Thats over. This is home now and I say that with an actual smile on my face. 

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with a new haul. Let me know if you have any questions or comments! xx

ZLYC: Fauxdori | Video | Unboxing | Midori Comparison | GiVeAwAy |

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great evening. I am back tonight with a new video in my 2016 Planner series. I love my Midori. I really do. However, many of you guys have expressed to me that it's a bit costly to get one and get it setup. And that's so true. It's not cheap but I look at it as a huge life investment. However, I was looking around at a lot of Fauxdori and this set from ZLYC really impressed me. Everything is in the video and there are more pictures and the giveaway form below! 

I found this brand on Amazon just lurking around at fake Midori Style Notebooks. Once I found these I read the reviews and thought they would be interesting to check out and explore. 

With Prime shipping they were here in just a couple of days. You can see that each box has a sticker with the color of each Notebook. 

 I thought the packaging was very similar to the Midori Packaging. They give you a little burlap bag that keeps the leather notebook in good shape during the shipping process. It came with an extra orange elastic, and a little booklet explaining the process with the leather and how to clean it. The nice unique thing to this company and these notebooks is they are not only beautifully made they come with three inserts as well. I don't think they guarantee any particular inserts but I do believe that every notebook comes with a monthly calendar. My larger ZYLC notebook came with a insert with lined pages, a monthly calendar and then a insert with blank paper. When you purchase a Midori you get just one insert. So that's saving within itself. The Midori inserts can cost you on average $12.00 - $25.00 each. One of the nicest things is you can order these in a set for a very affordable price. 

I absolutely love the embossed design on these notebooks. It's really what stood out the most to me. The leather is really nice. It's very beautiful, soft and actually more flexible than my Midori.  This is one of the most beautiful journals I have to date. the workmanship, especially the quality of the embossing, is amazing. Currently I am using the larger sized Midori Travelers Notebook → Click here for my current setup ←  and I thought this larger size would be perfect for my everyday journaling and also to just add to my collection! :)
I also decided to order the smaller passport size. This is the coffee color and again it has a beautiful flowers embossed on the leather cover. Again it came with 3 inserts. This time...a grid insert, a monthly calendar and then another grid notebook. I use my smaller Midori Passport size for my wallet and I love it. I could do the exact same with this new ZYLC Notebook. 

 You can see the comparisons from the ZYLC to the Midori. They are basically the same size....they are very similar except the ZYLC is a bit cheaper in cost. Plus you get three inserts with each one. The nice thing is any Midori inserts will fit these just fine. Both are very beautiful from ZLYC and since I love them...I want to share them with a couple of you guys! Below you will find the entry form to get entered. One winner will receive the larger size just like the one I shared and another winner will win the smaller size...same color. You have till June 1st to get entered. You do not need a facebook account but you do have to share your email. There are a lot of ways to get entered below...to earn more entries! The winner will be announced on THIS BLOG POST. Good Luck! 

Thank you for stopping by tonight. I really hope you like this alternative to the Midori Travelers Notebook. If you have any questions be sure to let me know. Next week I will be back with even more planners/journals with another giveaway! :) See ya soon! xx

Tuesday Truths: Life Lately

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great Tuesday. Its been a while since I have written a Tuesday Truths blog post...or any blog post really so today you are getting Tuesday Truths and a little bit of life lately all in the same post.  Hope you enjoy! 

- Moving has really kicked my butt. We basically have most of the stuff in the house but nothing is really organized the way I want it. Who knows how long it will take to really feel settled in. One day at a time right!?

- I don't know what is going on with the weather around here. Indiana has some strange weather for sure. What I have found from my little time at home is it's either hot as hell or freezing. There has been very little in between. Last week it was very warm...very spring like. Flowers are blooming all over the neighborhood but this week it's been cold and rainy. I got a little walk in yesterday with Cooper but today it's back to raining and cold. I did so great last week when it was pretty. This week though has been a little harder. I am just not someone who wants to go outside and be cold. Yea...no thanks. Hopefully it will start to warm up soon. It is May after all. 

- Scott and I are doing our best to not live in the past with each other. It's not easy but we really are trying. It's easy to hung up on something one of us did days, weeks, months, years back. If we are going to move forward, then we need to leave our past mistakes in the past. Starting fresh sounds good to me.

- For some reason I am wanting to give this blog of mine a new spring makeover. Hummmmm....that normally ends up being hours of work to change things around. Maybe I should just make some simple changes and leave it at that. 

- I actually took a little time last night to finally paint my nails. It's been over a month since I put anything on them. With the move, they would have been chipped up so fast. It just wasn't worth it. But it felt good sitting down last night and doing a little something for myself.

- Scott has been hooked on a new show. Lucifer. Seems fitting to me but he has been binge watching for days. Since it's too wet for him to work right now, he is watching the final show to catch up. Thank goodness. It's been next to impossible to get him to watch anything else. I understand though.. I did the same thing with Frankie and Grace on Netflix for season 2. :)

- Over this past weekend my phone got broke. It totally sucked because I had a lot of vlog footage that I wanted to share with you this week. I thought everything was saved in the cloud but nope. Those settings were not right and I think everything is lost. I am considering taking it to an Apple store to see if they can do anything at all to help. Thankfully Scott took me to the phone store and got me a pretty new rose gold iphone. It took almost all of Sunday to get it set back up. It's amazing to me how important phones really are at this point. Everything important was right on it....and most of it is gone now. And guess what!? On this new pretty phone is all set up where everything is backed up. Hopefully it prevents a disaster in the future. 

- It seems like a dream that my mom was here and now gone. I really do miss her a lot. My grandmothers sister passed away last week and I actually went to the funeral. Funerals are like court for me. → I normally avoid them both. ← but this was different. It was family and it was important for me to be there. In a odd kind of way it was like a family reunion of sorts. I just wish we could have all got together under better conditions.

- Somehow with the big move, the washer must have got banged around a bit....→ fixing whatever was wrong with it! ← I kid you not....it's back to working great and I am so thankful!

- I miss Jackson. He seems so happy with his dad that I try my best to not say anything. I think he just missed him so much. And I think my ex husband feels the same way. We both miss the kids that use to live with us. Ironic huh? I think Brittany needed me as much as Jackson needed him. I wish all the kids were here...with me. But we want them happy and it's not forever. 

- Mom and I did decorate grandma's little room while she was here. My grandmother is in a nursing home full time now. It hurt going to my uncles homes this past week and seeing her stuff in each of their homes. They are her kids. I get it. It just made me a bit sad. But mom and I tried to decorate a little bit for her. We didn't want too much but it was fun. Grandma is one of the loves of my life. She was always loyal and loving to me. 

- I have been doing a lot of self reflecting here lately. I am so done with anyone who truly does not have my best interest in mind. Or the best interest of my kids...my family.  It doesn't matter what anyone says. I make my own decisions. And while life has been difficult and hard the past week or two, it really showed me who supports and loves me. Who loves my family. There are some who just want to know what is going on so they can try to judge. It's has been so clear to me who I can trust and who I can't. All you need is some hard complicated times. Then wait for everyone to show you who they truly are.

- I have been learning all about this new area. I know that sounds silly since I was born and raised here but things have really changed. I live in a quiet area that I have never lived in before. There are so many new stores and places built up around here that it all seems new. It's familiar and new all at the same time. Fancy that.

- Last night I really focused on working in my planner. I am close to having to order some new Midori inserts. But trying to road-map everything out for this next week just made me feel better. I don't like getting behind. Now with all the kids here, the grandkids, friends and family there is so much more going on. I like to do lists. And believe me....mine is never ending! 

- I want my money back for a bag of Starbucks Morning Joe Ground Coffee. I am really trying but it smells so weird to me. The taste is not terrible but the smell is just sending me over the edge. Yuck. And I might seriously take it back.

- I truly love the layout of this house. I have had to hike my ass up the stairs so many times to get to my bedroom and I now I don't! I'm serious...I really do like this house. I am not sure Scott was really truly ready for me to like it but I am sure he's happy I am not complaining about it. And I even like the neighborhood....so far! :)

- All the kitty cats need baths and groomed. I wish I could just find someone to take them all to. It's a huge job and normally I like to just do one a day. But this weather is just too cold to do that to them.

- The big news from over the weekend is Brittany and Kenzie along with 2 of their friends made the New Albany High School Cheerleading Team. I was so nervous for all of them but they worked hard and earned their spots. I was never ever athletic. Brittany is for sure not living through me. This is her dream...her hard work and her success. We are so proud.

I hope you have a wonderful evening. I'll have a new video up tomorrow...with a giveaway! xx

Come Shop w/ Me! * Meijer Food Haul | Video

Hello friends! I hope your Monday evening is going well. It's been a good day around here. I got up early....got a lot of desk work done, a little housework and then some shopping. Normally I would put a day in the life vlog up on Monday but I actually broke my phone and lost a lot of the footage that I was going to share. Life goes on...so instead I am taking you shopping with me! Hope you enjoy!

I really have been enjoying Meijer. It's a huge store. I have really went all around it yet but in time I will. I have pretty much stayed in the food area and household areas of the store so far. I find the prices are not as high as I expected and with mperks I will hopefully save some money. I hope you have a great night. I'll see ya tomorrow. xx

April Favorites → Beauty & Household ← Video

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hello friends! Happy Wednesday....we made it to hump day! :) I am back today sharing some of my favorite things from the month of April. I love sharing things that I used and loved with you guys. I think we are all here to learn from each other. I hope you enjoy the video! 

Life around here is slowly getting back to normal. I am trying to get the house in order, get back to some kind of routine and the same goes for youtube and this blog. :) If you have any questions about where to find anything you saw in the video, just let me know and I'll do my best to help! Have a beautiful and blessed day.xx

DITL Vlog: Week in Review May 2 -9, 2016 w/ Weekly To Do's

Monday, May 9, 2016

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a great evening. I am back sharing a new week in review going over a few bits and pieces of our week. Today I have been super busy which is why this post is going up a little later. If you want to see the videos before they actually go live... get subscribed!

Here's a little vlog from this past week...hope you enjoy!

Trying to get settled has been such a challenge. This has been a long journey moving up here. There has been so many things that I have had to do. Many of you already know about all the things that go along with moving states. Being back at home has been really nice in so many ways. However, its been a challenge to find balance in between seeing family, running the kids around, unpacking and setting up house. We have been here at 3 weeks and I am finally starting to feel better about the progress made. I have been working hard at getting things unpacked. Even today I spent hours on end bringing boxes in from the garage...unpacking, sorting and putting things up. I think I have been up the stairs 15 times already today. It's been a work out all within itself. I won't sit here and tell you that everything is organized the way I want. It's actually far from that but it's comfortable, liveable and home. Our little neighborhood is out in the middle of nowhere which makes me so happy. I am right where I need to be but in a quiet spot not in the heart of town. The house is really nice and I am in love with the layout. I truly am. It's our new reality and everyday it sets in a little bit more that we really got here. We got up here when people doubted us, when I doubted Scott...without a ton in the bank. We got here because God knew it was time.

With the new move, there are new schedules and routines. I am getting up daily at 8am ( I know many of you get up earlier ) but it's been working out well for me. I have been trying to get a big glass of water in first thing in the morning rather I like it or not. Then I go on and enjoy some coffee. Scott or I take the kids. If he is going to be out working anyway, it's better for him to take them rather than both of us waste the gas. Then I use a little bit of my morning time to walk Cooper around the neighborhood. It feels different here. It feels quiet and safe. The fresh air has been doing us both really good and it kinda wakes me up for the day. Most days I am working around here, and normally it's me that picks the kids up in the afternoon. I shuffle them from appointment to appointment and believe me.. it's not one of my favorite mom tasks but I am getting with it. I am also back to enjoying long baths in my really deep tub. I think for sure it's deeper than than my last one and after a long day of unpacking, a long bath fixes a lot! :)

It's also been a bit stressful for Scott and myself. I think we just need to make more time for each other. Time is something we haven't had much of and moving is stressful all on it's own. But we started really getting a long towards the end of the week and I just hope it really continues. We both just want to be happy. We love our family so much. No amount of  problems will ever change that. So life goes on. We actually went out this past weekend and explored Meijer together. Neither of us has shopped there much so it was a little day date to stock up the kitchen. We had a nice time and then teenagers made it easy on us bring all the stuff in from the car. I was happy with everything we got. I thought we didn't spend a ton of money for what we got. If you haven't checked out the haul yet, it's right here.  We are just going along with life at this point. I am working hard to make this new house, neighborhood, city and state our home. Scott and I are sharing a bedroom again. His snoring still drives me crazy at times but many wives deal with that! Its been nice in a lot of ways but there are times when it's a pain but we are learning how to share a room together. I am not staying up as late and we both deal with being woke up a little more because of each other. It's just the way it is. And the animals are never in the bed...except when Scott lets them sneak up there! I can't ever sleep with animals in the room. No thank you but...

Here's some of the things that I need to get done this week:

:: Unpack more boxes...yes still have a garage full to work on this week.
:: Bath and groom the kitty cats this week.
:: Walk Cooper daily... maybe 2x a day weather permitting.
:: Find new shelf for bedroom
:: Clean out and organize purse..maybe switch purses. I want something smaller.
:: Print pictures for frames.
:: Work on videos...try to keep on schedule.
:: Go through bills....pay what's due.
:: 10 minute cleanout of car.
:: Find Jackson a new Dr.
:: Get weekly cleaning done tomorrow.
:: Call Shanna...haven't talked to her in days.
:: Continue writing in prayer journal.
:: Paint nails.. gosh they have been looking terrible through this move.
:: Buy another potted flower like the one we got as a house warming gift.
:: Answer youtube comments.
:: Clean up DVR
:: Get blind for " bonus " room on 2nd floor.
:: Start really organizing some of the spaces and closets

Here's some inspiration to take with you throughout the week:

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have a great week. I'll be back with more vidoes and blog posts in the coming days. xx

My 1st Meijer Food Shopping Haul! | Video |

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hello friends! Happy Mothers Day to you all. I am back sharing a new food haul from Meijers. This is really the first haul I have ever done from this particular store. I stopped in the other day and got some cake and flowers but I didn't do much food shopping. So today Scott and I decided to go on a little day date to our local Meijers. Here's what we got...hope you enjoy! 

We spent about $279. I know I said $200 in the video but I was just a little off...and husby was quick to remind me. :) I really did like the store and suspect we will go there a lot more. What do you guys think of Meijer? I would love to know if you feel like sharing! I hope you have a wonderful night. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon with a new vlog! xx

Reflecting/Looking Back | Video & Blog Post | April 2016

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday. I am back sharing a new Reflecting video taking you through the highs and lows of April 2016. I am pretty candid in the video but there is even more below. Hope you enjoy! 


Seeing: birds flying into the bed room windows. I don't know why. I feel like I am in that crazy bird movie. 
Making: hard life decisions one by one. Just got to be an adult and deal with what life gives me. One day at a time. 
Cooking: not that much. Nothing feels routine here yet. 
Drinking: Mt. Dew....I've fallen off the wagon. * sigh
Hearing: A lot of Donald Trump talk. He is the presumed nominee for the Republican Party. I'm throwing up in my own mouth now. 
Wanting: to feel stable...get unpacked...and see more family and friends. 
Looking: at it rain today. It's a gloomy nasty day here. Good for the grass though!
Playing: with our grand kids a lot lot more. It's so nice to be in there everyday life now. 
Wasting: time today. After I finish this post, I have a lot to do! 
Bookmarking: more like un-bookmarking a lot of items here lately. Saying goodbye to a lot of bookmarks I simply don't use anymore. 
Understanding: The truth always prevails and shows itself. 
Wishing: I had my mom closer. Happy Birthday mom. I love you.
Touching: Brittany all the time. I've missed her all the time. I am always hugging on her. 
Enjoying: the teenage girls. They are so funny...fun to be around and a breath of fresh air. 
Waiting: on summer! :) 
Planning: a lot of my time in my Midori. It helps in every kind of way. 
Liking: how soft the bed feels. We have a egg crate mattress topper on it and it's pure heaven. :)
Wondering: what is going to happen with Scott. I wish I could read his mind. It really might not work out. People grow apart and make their choices...change. Idk. Life Happens to all of us. Maybe this is just a bump in the road...maybe not. Time will tell. 
Hoping:  to get things more unpacked and organized in the coming weeks. 
Hating: Scott's creepy friends. However, it has no bearing on me being home with my kids...which is most important. 
Needing: a manicure. Packing, moving and unpacking has made my nails look horrible. 
Smelling: a vanilla candle that is sitting here burning on the desk next to me. 
Wearing: PJ's and Uggs. Yep it's that kind of day. 
Pinning: nothing much. 
Learning: how to work a new tv system....and I hate it! 
Teaching: myself how to control my words better. 
Noticing: how hard it is for Scott to put the ladder in the car. Doubt this is really going to work. 
Tasting: a yummy grape jolly rancher. 
Knowing: Life has a way of working out for all of us. I am asking God to lead me. 
Thinking: about our kids all the time. ALL THE TIME.
Opening: at least 2 boxes a day...I hope.
Giggling: with the girls all the time. I am no longer out numbered! 
Feeling: like it's time to get up and start cleaning up the house some. Yuck.
April: Full of surprises, great times and heart breaks...all at the same time. Moving was hard. Getting settled has been harder. Life has been wonderful with the kids but hard marriage wise. Hoping for a better May. 

Thank you guys for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the video and blog post! Feel free to let me know how April was for you! xx