Reflecting & Looking Back: March 2016 | Video & Corresponding Blog Post |

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday afternoon. I can't believe we are finishing up with March and moving right into April. Time really does start to pass quicker the older you get. So around this time each month I like to post a reflecting video sharing my thoughts on the previous month. Here are my thoughts on March 2016. Lots more below! 


Seeing: boxes all around the house and I loooooove it! 
Making: the most of this time while Scott is gone. We are all working in our ways to make this move happen. 
Cooking: easy peasy dinners for the kids and myself. 
Drinking: coffee even though I know it's past time for lunch and something less caffeinated. 
Hearing: tons and tons of 80's hits. It's just what helps me pack faster! 
Wanting: to find the right house instead of the right apartment. See why Scott went up early. There is so much for us to figure out....and soon.
Looking: at life with a more positive attitude. Not everyday but more so than not. 
Playing: with Cooper outside a lot more with the warmer weather. 
Wasting: money on packing boxes instead of going dumpster diving....and I actually think its really worth it. 
Bookmarking: Swimsuits that I keep seeing online. It's a scary thought....but it needs to be done!
Understanding: I am who I am....and I refuse to change to suit others. It won't happen.
Wishing: I would have never been pulled over and hit upside the head by the costly tickets I received. It sucks.
Touching: boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and all kinds of items though out the house. And it's not been kind to my hands. 
Enjoying: my thoughts on all good things that will come as a result of us moving. 
Waiting: on Scott to get back here. We all miss him a lot. 
Planning: on sharing my Midori Travlers Notebook this weekend. Many have asked about the setup and I can't wait to share it!
Liking: the big gift that I cannot share yet on my birthday. It's a little different but sooner or later I will explain what it was! 
Wondering: how grandma is doing today. I wish I could call her and tell her we are packing and that I am keeping my promise to her. She can't talk but in a couple weeks she will know.
Loving: the idea of all of us being together again. 
Hoping: to reply to a lot of emails today and tonight. The list is long and I have been super busy but I need to make time to tackle to ever growing inbox. 
Hating: Donald Trump...but nothing new about that! 
Needing: everything to go according to plan over the next couple of weeks to make this move go smoothly. 
Smelling: Hawaiian breeze in the waxy melt pot. 
Wearing: a big shirt that is hanging off my right shoulder and yoga pants. Comfy clothes for me today! 
Pinning: nothing much. 
Learning: how to not let the negative outside energy effect me. I just want all that stuff to bounce right off of me and move on. 
Teaching: my kids all about manners still. I have a feeling this lesson will never end.
Noticing: all the spring flowers popping up around the neighborhood. So pretty!
Tasting: the Melting Pot still. It was really good and I enjoyed it so did the boys!
Knowing: I really need to try harder to repair my relationship with my older son. It way past time. 
Thinking: about all I want to do before I fall into the bed tonight.
Opening: the endless stack of mail that I have to go through. I need to sort through it and make stacks of bills, junk mail, bank papers.. and just wipe that job out.
Giggling: not as much with Scott gone. :(
Feeling: motivated to finish packing and make this move official! 
March: A better month than the others so far even with my traffic tickets. It started out great nad it is ending great and I couldn't be more thankful. 

Thank you guys for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the video and blog post! Feel free to let me know how February was for you! xx

2016 Planning Series: Polaroid Zip Demo & Review | Video |

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hello everyone. This evening I am sharing a new product that I absolutely love....The Polaroid Zip Portable Photo Printer. I take you through why I love it, how I use it along with a lot more in the video. Also below is more information about where you can find this printer! 

This is a rather small printer but it packs a punch. This is a inkless printer using zink photo paper with the ink basically built into it. I love that. It comes with a charging cord and The printer connects to both iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth. So as long as you have a smartphone you can use it.   You simply download the free Polaroid ZIP app, set up the Bluetooth and start printing right way. The phone app gives you several different ways to print you're pictures out including a full size quick print, photo edit options, collage frames, and more.
I have used this printer for so much since I got it back in December 2015. I show a few of those ways in the video but the possibilities are endless.  You can even print a business card on the go. And since this printer is so small you can pretty much take it anywhere. I have tossed it in my purse many times while traveling. It's perfect for on the go! 
I loved using this printer to design the mission board in my Midori Travelers Notebook. I have actually used it in a lot of ways throughout my planner and even on our family calendar that hangs on the chalkboard wall. It's so handy and I think anyone who loves to decorate their planner or calendars. It's perfect for a scrapbooker and I bet many of you would truly love this. I'ts so nice. It prints very clear photos and has a made a huge difference in personalizing some of the days in my planner. I think my planner/ travelers notebook means more with person photos running through it. 

You can find this printer in a bunch of different places. You can find the bundle with Erin Condren right here and you can get a discount using my link in the sidebar. You can also find it on amazon as well as the paper. :)

Thanks for stopping by. I have a ton of planner videos coming up for you in my 2016 Planning Series. You can check out the first video of the series → Planning for Beginners | Picking a Planner & Structuring Your Days| ←n case you want to check it out! I will be adding many many more videos in this series this year. I hope you find them helpful, motivating and encouraging. Have a great night. xx

Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are getting along great on this Tuesday afternoon. Here's another edition of Tuesday Truths. Hope you enjoy. 

- Romeo has been so sweet the last few days. He's really the only cat in the house that really just wants attention all the time. He's got such a personality and is really the star of the show around here. 

- The weather is pretty chilly today. I slept with a window open and woke up freezing. Yuck. I think its suppose to warm back up tomorrow. However today I am staying inside and keeping warm. 

- I miss Scott. He is working hard and learning a ton of new things. I wanted to move back to Indiana in the summer and he wanted to go ahead and take this new job and move on up now. So we are going with his plan and it sucks. It sucks for all of us not being together. 

- I actually made a video today kicking off my 2016 planner series. I know it's not for everyone but it makes me happy to watch planner videos and also to share my own. I have a lot coming up for you planner friends! 

- All the neighbors have been mowing their yards and I just refuse to do it. thanks. We are moving and Scott is not home. It is what it is. Zane has never mowed the grass....Jackson can barely work the controls and I don't know much about it. I kinda letting the grass grow. :) 

- Our oldest daughter Laura started a new job. I couldn't be more happy for her. She's straight out of college with little experience and I think this job will be good for her. She's amazing and we are proud of her. Life is ever changing.

- I have been busy packing things up around here. It's been a little easier doing it at my own pace instead of rushing. I know some don't like the way I pack and I know others do. I feel like I am doing what works best for me since I am the one doing it. Hell, there have been times I have tossed stuff in boxes at warp speed and just went with it. This move is not like that. 

- I am thinking about using snapchat. Brittany has been explaining it a lot to me and I might just try it. I don't really see the point if it is gone in 24 hours. What do you guys think? Would you like that? 

- Here's a new pitbull story where they killed an 86 year old woman. When is enough enough. I just can't do it. I don't think anyone needs those kind of dogs. I don't care about the argument that it's the way it's raised. I don't trust people in general to raise those dogs. I won't live next to one and I certainly don't want my children around them. I know sometimes they are when I am not around but God help that dog and it's owners if something happens to any of them. I just have seen and read too much to change my views on that. However, I am sure many of you have loveable pitbulls who would never hurt anyone....until they do.

- This week I am finally throwing away our old artificial Christmas tree. It's time to say goodbye to that big tree. We did a real tree this past year and we are not going back. It looked and smelled better and I loved it. Goodbye old tree...thanks for all of our years together. 

- The kids are on spring break next week. So no getting up early! Woooo-hooo! I think we will probably be moving the week after. It's a big process we are just going through them step by step hopefully in the right order. 

- I have some pretty big traffic fines to pay. I hate it too. I might just end up going to court and putting them off till after this move. I feel like I am cops and robbers every time I pull out of the driveway. 

- On one of the upcoming days I need to take a few hours and groom all the cats. It's a huge job and it has to be done...outside. They all love it though and I love that all that hair is outside. They're just big fluff balls!

- The house is so weird looking with so much packed up. I kinda like it. Maybe in the next house I should just let it be bare. It feels good. I even like the freezer being emptier. 

- This afternoon the kids and I are doing a quick house cleanup. We have been eating dinner a little later so we are going to tackle the house and get it picked up....around the boxes. Hopefully if we get moving it won't take very long. 

- I have some news that I am busting at the seams to tell you about but I just can't yet. It's hard keeping secrets at times! Mummmmmmm's the word. And no I am not pregnant. :)

- Mr. Selfridge is back on....FOR THE LAST SEASON. I mean seriously. They take Downton Abbey from us and now Mr. Selfridge too!? I loved the 2 hour premiere but now I'm sad it's going away. 

Well I hope you guys a wonderful evening. I have a new video uploading that I will share tomorrow but if you want to check it out sooner visit my youtube channel in an hour or so. xx

Week in Review: DITL Vlog(s) | Packing, Easter & Fondue! ) Weekly to Do's

Monday, March 28, 2016

Hello friends! Happy Monday to you all. I really love a fresh week. It makes me feel good to know that we have a fresh new start. On most Monday's I post a week in review going over some of the things that went on around here. I normally share a vlog and even more photos and ramblings about life lately. This week I am sharing 2 vlogs.  The first one, I already shared but in case you haven't watched it yet, here it is. 

I noticed I had a lot of footage so I thought I would share it on Friday and share a new vlog from this weekend today! Grab some tea or coffee, sit back and hang out with us. :)

Here's a little more about how our week went...
 Around here life has been rather strange. Scott is working in Indiana and we are here trying to pack up the house. Many have wondered how I am coping.'s not easy. I have never really been away from Scott for this kind of time ever. Sometimes I look back and think that we might never be as happy as we once were, but on more positive days I think about how much we've grown since the beginning, about the chances we've been given, and how I would choose this life with him and our kids over and over and over again. I can't explain what has held us together for so many years except love but I think it's what is helping me get through this weird kinda tough time. I am trying my best to stay busy. There is plenty around here to do. Moving from one state to another is no easy task. I spend most of my time packing and or cleaning. I haven't even made much time to film. It's no secret that I am so ready to move but it's a bit sad too in a way. I have loved this state. I feel like I am entering the gates of hell moving back to the area I have sworn off for years. But I am trying to change those feelings. I am trying to remind myself everyday that we are doing this for our kids and our family. It's not just about me. And rather I like it or's home. Many have also asked why Scott had to leave so quick. He actually stayed longer than he should have trying not to leave the dealership hanging. But they wanted him to start right away. Being this is a new area of work for him, we thought it best that he get up there....learn the ropes and find us a new home. I don't want to move the boys if something doesn't work out. We need Scott's income and it's important for that to be a stable area in our lives. It's hard not being together. I miss him a lot and I know the boys do as well. But we are working together to make this happen. It's been boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing paper and 80's music around here for days. I am on morning shift with the kids now and I am trying my best to be nice in the mornings....normally I am a grump when I wake up. I have been trying to get enough sleep and again...I am prepping as much as I can at night to make the mornings go easier. I have always done the prep work at night even when Scott was taking them. That's nothing new. However, the mounds of boxes around here is really new....a little exciting and a little scary all at the same time!

Scott wasn't able to be here for my birthday and the same for Easter. He actually offered to drive here for a day but that's too many miles for such a short trip. We told him to stay put and we celebrated Easter in our own unique way.  We all slept in and had a wonderful time later in the evening at the Melting Pot. Its a fun little experience for the kids and I love it too. In a way it was kinda a birthday dinner too. It was a great time and thankfully due to the Easter special we didn't have to spend a fortune. We face timed with Brittany while we were there and we all talked to Scott as well. We don't want to leave anyone out even when they are not physically there with us. All through out dinner we talked about what Easter meant and why it is such an important day. Its always interesting hearing how the kids put it! It was a delicious dinner and lovely time with both of the boys. ♥

We were actually running a little late but I really wanted a quick photo before we left. We sat up the tripod...added the camera....set the timer and this was the first and only photo taken before we left! Cooper sure looks cute in that picture. He knows how to pose for sure! I wish the hair wasn't in my eye but it is what it is! :)

After dinner we all came home and totally vegged out the rest of the evening. There was no loudness...we all just found someplace warm and cozy and relaxed while it rained. Our bellies were full and I don't think any of us wanted to do anything. It was a nice way to end the weekend. So here with are...back with lots of things to do this next week. Here's a few of my to do's.

:: Do a quick clean up of the house. 
:: Film a couple of videos later in the day if possible. 
:: Put phone down more and focus more. 
:: Go through to do list in planner and see what I can work on next. 
:: Finish packing up most of the kitchen in the next few days. 
:: Get to bed early so mornings are easier. 
:: Tackle my overflowing inbox. 
:: Try to be more understanding of Scott and everything that he has on his plate. 
:: Pre-make some breakfast items for this last week before the kids get out for spring break. 
:: Delete old photos from laptop
:: Make some peanut butter cookies. YUM!
:: Brush out kitty cats this week....Cooper too. 
:: Call Dentist and make Jackson an appointment. 
:: Clean jewelry
:: Work in planner for a while today.
:: Buy more boxes and packing tape. 
:: Wash all dishrags, pot holders and kitchen towels waiting on me. 
:: Clean up DVR
:: Bring 2nd floor boxes to the 1st floor. A task that got pushed off a few extra days. 
:: Forget color polish of any nails with clear polish only. 
:: Make just one folder for important papers that I might need throughout the move. File the rest away. 
:: Soak and clean pet dishes.
:: Make a little more time to enjoy a good book.
:: Send thank you cards out for birthday gifts.
:: Help Scott look for houses online. 

Here's some inspiration to take along with you throughout the week:

Thank you guys so much for stopping by. I know that I have been slacking off with blog post. I plan on doing better. There is a lot going on right now and I do have to prioritize. But I miss being here so I am really going to try to do better. Even through busy times. I hope you guys had a great Easter. I would love to hear about it if feel like sharing! Have a great week. xx

Catching Up: DITL Vlog: Moving Right Along with Scott & a New Food Haul!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hello everyone! Can you believe its Friday!? I guess I have really been neglecting this little blog of mine and for that I am sorry. I actually love it here. I just need to love it enough to get back to get back on schedule. Everything has been a little off since we announced that we are moving. I have been busy packing up our house while Scott is busy learning a new business. Plus there are things going on with ALL the kids right now keeping us pretty busy! I did vlog throughout the week. I share what's been going on around here....however you might want to get a coffee or tea, it's a long one! Hope you enjoy. 

This past Monday I had some shopping I needed to do. We cleaned out the freezers on Sunday. I just didn't have a ton of meat or anything. I also made a more kid friendly menu with the boys on Sunday night to get ready for the shopping. Here's what we are having and what I got.

I normally don't post videos together but I want to try to get caught up with the vidoes and blog. I am slowly starting to film again and I hope to have more videos up in the coming days and weeks. I also hope to have a new edition of Friday letters up this evening. :) Happy Friday friends! xx

DITL Vlog: Week in Review → Getting Packed Up ←

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hello friends! Happy Monday to each of you. I know I haven't been around a ton on this blog of mine the past week. I have just been so busy trying to get our house packed up. It's a big job. Lots to do and I wanted to start early. So this is not my typical week in review....but still hope you enjoy! Here's my latest day in the life vlog and more is below.

Sorry I got a couple of the clips messed up around Wednesday Thursday. Sometimes when I am editing videos at night I just don't do a good job. Really need to work on that! But I am sure you guys understand.So as I mentioned this past week I have been working hard around the house. After finally figuring out when we were going to move, I started packing right away. This is a big house. We have a lot of stuff and instead of just quickly tossing items in empty boxes, I have sorted as I have went. I have piles for goodwill, garbage, friends and family. Then our boxes! I feel really good about where I am right now. I have most of the 2nd floor done and a little bit of the 1st floor packed up. I just didn't want to wait until the last minute. I want this move to be more organized and easy being the last move ( into this house ) just about killed us. And my mom even flew in for that move to help pack. So it's been a busy time but I feel good getting rid of so much stuff. I am not sure the garbage man is going to be happy with me but too bad! 

Scott left yesterday. I wasn't too upset about it but as the hours passed by it felt so strange knowing that he won't be back for a couple of weeks. I have never been away from him for more than a few days in 12 years but I am trying to have a positive outlook on it. I know he is going up there to work and find a house because it's what I wanted. He's been pretty honest about not wanting to live up there in the cold but he does want to be around family as well. So this morning was me getting the boys up for school. I have been pretty lucky that Scott has handled the morning shift around here for years but I jumped out of the bed on time :) and started my day before the sun was up. I made a quick breakfast for the Jackson and Zane and to school we went. Both boys were really good too. Thankfully I went to bed super early even for me so waking up was pretty easy. However, what wasn't so easy this morning was waking up to a pretty damn cold house. I knew our weather was going to drop due to the cold front on the east coast. They actually said last week that we might have snow. Well no snow but it was barely 36 this morning and it felt like we had the windows open on the 2nd floor. We made it through it and I am so happy that it is starting to warm up. The neighbor is even mowing his yard right now. Ha! I will never ever do that again in this house and I am so happy about that too!!!!

So here we are at a beginning of a new week with a ton of things for me to do. And let me say this, packing the way I am is so much easier. If I want to pack I can...and if I want or need to have the day off I can. I basically have 2 weeks to pack up the rest of the living room, the full kitchen, and garage. I don't really feel that ahead of the game but I do feel like I am making good time. I have a ton of lists going on. I have all these on the chalkboard walls and white board. I still need to mark off the things I have done but they help. I also have the lists going in my planner as well. So much going on right now.

Today I have to figure out what exactly we need from the store and go. I am thinking Aldi's maybe. It depends really. The kids worked on figuring out what they wanted me to cook after we cleaned out the freezers. I really didn't have a lot of meat. We have more potatoes than anything else. It's amazing how many french fries we have. Glad the boys picked 3 meals with them. We had a lot of soup too. I sent some of the stuff to the neighbors and whatever we don't use out of the 1 freezer now I will send over before we leave. They could totally dump it all in the trash but I thought they might at least have a look at it. I need to wipe out the deep freeze really well and get it out to the garage. I want to make room for the kitchen boxes. For right now most of the boxes are staying in the room they were packed in. In the vlog above I did my best to show how I have been going about it. It really has been a process and I can't wait till it's over. What I have noticed is how much stuff we really don't need, don't use. I am sure the kitchen is going to feel that way too. I have so much. I think I am just going to do my best about being selective about what goes with us. 

 Also a few days ago, I cut off most of my hair. Right I like the length but I wouldn't mind it growing out an inch or so. I like it shorter. It feels amazing and its so much easier for me to do. I have a ton of hair care products recently to do my hair and I figuring it out. I can make it big and poofy but I think I like it a little more sleek. Its a nice change! I guess our life is actually changing in a lot of ways. 

I think life is seriously about to change for us. I am still a little nervous right now. But I believe our plan will work! I also think everyone from our kids to Scott and I will be a lot happier. I know I will be a lot busier. Brittany alone will have me out and about pretty much daily. And I know the boys will too. Life is getting ready to really change. Instead of being scared of it, I am trying to be positive about everything. I have prayed and prayed trying to make sure this is the right direction. I think as we move in the coming weeks we will find a new home that will hold our family. Maybe not the perfect home but I know that is happening soon. I know that we are going to say goodbye to South Carolina and move on to the area that holds a lot of our loved ones. Its time to go home. 

I hope you have a wonderful week. I am vlogging daily and I will also try to make some additional videos this week as well. I have just been busy and its been easier for me to shut the computer, turn on some 80's music and pack. Thanks for stopping by....I'll see ya soon. xx

Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hello friends! Here's another edition of Tuesday Truths. Hope you enjoy. 

:: I have been so productive packing up this house. I couldn't be happier about it. Some might wonder why I am packing early but who knows exactly when we are moving. It could be sooner than expected. Scott has to find a house and I have to pack this one up. This morning I got up at 8am and started packing right away. Needless to say, I am pretty tired tonight. Sleeping should not be an issue. :)

:: Scott thinks The Voice is just some karaoke show and I looove it. I think I just love music more than him. Happy it was  on tonight. 

:: Cooper ran off from his food bowl tonight like something scared him to death. Not sure what is going on with that. Maybe he will finish his dinner sometime tonight. 

:: Jackson ran out of his meds at school and his teacher actually called me from the class today. She said he is about to " jump out of his skin ". Sometimes he forgets to tell me when he is running low at school. It's hard trying to split up the medications for school, home, his dads when we were up there. It tough. He's been a little wild around here tonight as well. I know Jackson has his own little fan club who hate when I say something negative about him. However, I am his mother and how I raise my kids is not how you have to. Sorry to tell you....or remind you that he is truly my wild child and we are not ashamed of it in any way. 

:: Its going to be Hilary and Donald Trump. It's more than clear now. I hope she wipes the floor with his ass. It's ok friends. You don't have to tell anyone the truth about whom you voted for. Do you really want that clown to be President? Republicans should be voting DEMOCRAT this year. Just keep it to yourself and save the world from a madman. Consider it you're duty as a citizen. Save the US!  

:: My mom was kinda sad today discussing her childhood with me. Its heartbreaking to hear her tell it. Many have wondered why we haven't always been together. It's not because of any other thing than bullies trying to take over her life and my life. Shes always been around me even if we didn't live together everyday. But once I turned a teenager the people holding us apart no longer had the power to control it. Everything she has been through along with many others in her family has really helped her from living that kind of life now.  

:: Even with all the packing, my nails are holding up better than expected. Thank you OPI. I have searched for the best non chip polishes and I think I finally found the one that really holds up. 

:: I missed adding in a clip in the food haul I shared. So sorry. Sometimes I edit when I am tired and it just does not work out well for me. :\

:: I am still not satisfied with my hair. I want it a little shorter...a little more stacked in the back and eventually I want to fix some of the highlights as well. But today I managed to make it look pretty nice all on my own...which is a total change for me! 

:: The weather has been so nice here. However I look at my weather app on my phone and they are calling for possible snow next Sunday and Monday. I hung out clothes today. This constant struggle between cold and warm is going to get us all sick plus is kinda depressing to think about it. Snow...really?? I hope its wrong.

:: The neighbors still have their Vote for Ben Carson signs in their yards. #dumbasses. They just need to put up some Trump signs and show me show stupid they really are. I am sure they are going to throw a party right after they toss Oreo back outside to fend for himself. The feeling is mutual. I have no desire to live by people who treat their animals like that nor do I want people looking in my windows. If you ever tell me that....we are no friends. Period. 

:: I feel like I always need to say caller voicemail = no answer and no call back. Just in case the person blowing up my phone lands on this blog important for them to know. Maybe I will record that as the voice mail message. Yep that's exactly what I am going to do. I am also changing our numbers as soon as we move. I am going to love us all have #'s in the same area code! 

:: I'm watching the OJ mini series right now and I really do like it. I also think he got away with murder. But that amazing dream team did their jobs. Then karma took over. Look where Mr. Simpson is right now. 

:: I read something the other day that suggested we had not talked to the kids schools about moving. When I picked up Brittany for lunch I had a nice long talk with the school about the boys transferring in and a stack of papers. I also talked to the school here about returning ipads and how the transfer would work.  It's not like I have to be Magnum, P.I. It's just everyday life and things you have to do. Just so you know I will have to go to the Dr., Dentist, Vet, and PO Box before leaving too.  I don't understand how some people think they know everything. Their stupid opinions are simply that. NOT FACTS. And here is another FACT....moving our kids before the end of school does not make us selfish. We have had talks with the kids and both feel like its just fine. They are ready to be there with the rest of the family. Again..we make the decisions as a family for our family. 

:: I am so happy about moving. It makes me feel good to know we are finally all be in one place. I honestly think after Jackson lives with his dad for 6 months, I will end up with all the kids. I would love that. But we want them happy and its better for us both to able to be with them. I am a little nervous for Jackson but maybe his father will be a good influence on him. My kids make me want to be a better mother. Do I always do the right thing or say the right thing? No. But they are the best part of my life and I know this move is for the best. The boxes sitting around the house right now just makes me so happy to see. It's been a long time coming. 

:: The upstairs is so hot. I feel sorry for the new people who move into this house. We have to keep windows open, fans going, lights mainly off, just to keep it below 80. Today it was 83 up there. Packing in the morning and early afternoon hours really helped otherwise I might have passed out. 

:: I am so obsessed with space movies. There is also a new documentary out called A Year in Space with Scott Kelly. I loooove it. Thinking about watching Apollo 13 tonight in bed or maybe Interstellar. Or the Martin... or Gravity! Choices choices. 

:: Scott is really doing the right thing by not running out on his dealership. He's been there working hard and will do so until his last day. He has a great work ethic. I think his new job will be happy with how hard he works. I really hope everything works out great otherwise it will be back to the dealership life with long hard hours for him. I know he wants to be home more with us. So fingers crossed for him right now. 

I hope you guys had a great Tuesday and even better Wednesday! xx 

New Shopping Haul! | Video |

Monday, March 14, 2016

Hello friends! Today I had a little shopping to do and I thought I would share the haul with you. I am also sharing a food haul from when we first got back home from our Indiana that I was going to share in a vlog but never got around it. Hope you enjoy both! 

Since we are moving in a matter of weeks, I just don't want to buy a ton. I want to try to use what we have for the most part. In the coming days I am really going to sort through the freezers and figure out what we need to eat before we leave. A big cold job! Anyway, hope you enjoyed the haul. I'll see ya soon! 

We're Moving! :) | How - When - and Where | All the Details! VIDEO

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday evening. Scott is sound asleep and they boys are playing a game upstairs so I have a few minutes to chat with you! So recently I shared an instagram photos of some packed up boxes. I was kinda letting the cat out of the bag about something BIG...HUGE..happening in our lives. For a few months now Scott has been talking with a company in the area we want to move about future employment. It's actually been kinda a long process. There has been a ton of conference and video calls. When we went up for Brittany's Cheer Competition he actually spent a day working for them and doing even more talking and negotiating. While I visited with family and friends he was working on a bigger plan of getting us moved home. And he is excited to try something that will hopefully have less hours and at least the same pay. They talked dates and figured out the right time for him to come up there and get started. We talked forever about it. I kinda went back and forth. I am much more hesitant than my husband but I want him to try if that's what he really wants to do. We thought about it. I prayed about it and I think it's going to to work out great. Here's a little more about what's going on...hope you enjoy the video. 

Many have wondered why we are renting...its simply because I haven't figured out where I want to be for a long while. It seems like too big of a commitment to me. But maybe in time. We are planning to rent again for a while and that will be just fine with me. None of this has really happened fast. Its been in the works for a while but Scott had to figure things out and then figure out when to tell his boss here. That job is done and I was finally able to tell you guys about it! :) It is happening a little sooner than I expected but that's ok too. The sooner we get up there, set up house and schedules...the better. I am going to work at packing this house up the best way I can while he works and house hunts. Sounds like a good plan to me! Thanks so much for stopping by. I am not doing a week in review blog post tomorrow but I will be back with another video really soon. xx

Indiana Travel Vlog(s).....Jamfest Nationals

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hey everyone! I hope your evening is going well. I am back sharing not one but two new day in the life vlogs from our Indiana trip! :) We decided to go up for Brittanys cheer-leading competitions and I am bringing you with us for some of our time up there. I was going to try to put both vlogs together but I thought it might just be too long. So here they both are....hope you enjoy! 

Here's part 2....

We had a really nice time up there during this trip. I got to spend a lot of time at cheer functions and competitions. I was so proud of all the girls for working so hard and winning! :) They were so happy! I was just as thrilled as every other parents watched our girls tackle their dreams. It as amazing. I feel like they are so cute and such a breath of fresh air to be around. How can you not be happy when around a bunch of smiley bouncy teenagers! They were really geared up for competitions. Practiced day after day and it totally paid off. 

We also made time for our other daughter and grandchildren. We don't get to see them a lot and didn't want to waste one minute of time we could spend with them. It was also the first time getting Zane and Laura together. They have known about each other forever but getting all the kids in the same place at the same time is next to impossible! But we had a great time with them. The little kids of the family ( our grand kids ) are also growing up so fast and they were just as adorable as they always have been. I had a great time playing around with the girls. Laura's little boy really took to Scott and they got some quality time in too! 

There were a ton of other happenings during our trip. More so than the hotel. Jackson even got locked in the bathroom. Hotels and 13 year old boys don't mix well but we were told it had happened before in other rooms so maybe it wasn't the boys fault. It was frustrating to say the least because we had plans that day. But we got out on time and enjoyed a nice lunch together with Brittany. I also got to go see grandma and picked up such a beautiful orchid for her room in the nursing home. I hope she liked it. I also got time with my uncle and his son. I made a new puppy friend while I was there and totally would have brought that dog home if I could have!

We also got to my best friend Shannas house. I got in some fun time with Emily and also Shannas husband. He and Scott hit it off pretty well which is good because we plan on putting them together some in the future! We got time in with Trina and her family as well. We had a nice dinner out and got to actually hang out instead of just talking on the phone.  It was so nice. I loved being around everyone. Scott made the comment many times that he has never seen me so social in our entire time together! I chatted with everyone. I didn't hide myself away. Instead I made the most of the time I had with our family and friends. I had an amazing trip and was a little sad to say goodbye. Oddly enough I had some second thoughts about moving at first but that best friend of mine reminded me of what's important. She was right and I listened. :) Sometimes you just need to hear it straight. 

We got home super late on Monday night and then Tuesday I was exhausted as was Scott. I did manage to get the end to the 2nd video filmed Tuesday night. Now I am just trying to catch up around the house and try to get somewhat back to normal! Thanks for stopping by....I'll see ya soon! 

February Favorites Beauty & Household | Video |

Monday, March 7, 2016

Hello friends! I am back with another video that went live when we were out of town. Every month I like to share with you the favorite things I have used. These items vary from beauty to household along with some books and such! Here are they are...hope you enjoy! 

I am doing my best to get things caught up! Tonight Scott and I are totally exhausted. We didn't make it home until after 5am and it was after 6am before I feel to sleep. And then I only slept a few hours before I was up again. Scott only got about 2 hours sleep himself. Needless to say we have been zombies most of the day. Hopefully we sleep well tonight and feel better tomorrow! Thanks so much for stopping by! Tomorrow I will have part 1 of a new day in the life vlog up! See ya then. xx

Reflecting February 2016 → Looking Back ← Video & Blog Post

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. I wish I was back with a new week in review but I just have too many videos that need posted right now. We had a trip and I just didn't get around to sharing them with you. But I will have an entire post with 2 videos vlog style and more photos later in the week! I am probably going to post most of the videos on youtube today just to catch up. Right here is my new reflecting video sharing how February went in our home. Hope you enjoy. Much more below!

( This post was written the Friday March 4th before we left ) 

Seeing: a lot of things I need to do before we leave later today.
Making: so many plans with family and friends. We don't get up north a lot so it's always a busy time when we go visit. 
Cooking: not a damn thing until Monday! Wooooooo-hooooooo!
Drinking: Coffee.....with less sugar. I try to use less with each cup. It's a bit hard but I am trying.
Hearing: CNN talk about Donald Trump. YUCK.
Wanting: Our plans to hurry up and happen!
Looking: a little rough....gotta clean up later today before we leave. Going with the minimal makeup and such because we are just going to be stuck in the car for at least 7 hours.  
Playing: ball with Cooper all the time. He is so ball obsessed. 
Wasting: electricity according to our bill. HOWEVER, I talked to a neighbor yesterday about our $600 bill(s) and she said they had one too. And that house is smaller. Ha. What a scam. 
Bookmarking: a few recipes I want to try sometime in the future. 
Understanding: There will be always people who dislike or hate me. It is what it is. And I am going on with my life regardless.  
Wishing: for things to turn out the way I want! :) 
Touching: my hair more than I should. I do it when I am thinking, day dreaming, or stressed. And I am doing all 3 right now! 
Enjoying: watching the kitty cats sun themselves. They are such pretty cats. I am going to miss them for a few days. I thought about taking Romeo but it's just too much for this trip. 
Waiting: for Scott to get home so we can leave! Probably won't happen until after 2 today. 
Planning: on having a wonderful time with with our kids and family this weekend!
Liking: The warmer weather. We all need some sunshine. 
Wondering: How Brittany is going to do in the competitions. They have worked so hard as a team and I couldn't be more proud. 
Loving:  Watching the kids figure out who they are and what they want. I don't live through them. I never wanted to be a cheerleader but I am so happy it's what she wants to do. Same with the boys. I am just happy watching them grow up.
Hoping: For a little date with my husband sometime. We need to take more time for our marriage...not just work and the kids. We need time too. 
Hating: nothing really.
Needing: sleep. I'm so tired. Long night of packing and getting ready. Brittany got the schedule wrong and we had to leave a lot earlier than expected. 
Smelling: Dior Hypnotic Poison. A new love of mine! 
Wearing: Super comfortable clothes. But as soon as we get to the hotel, its going to be a quick and another change of clothes. 
Pinning: not that much. 
Learning: to be more understanding of the idiots in the world. Seriously...I am just trying to move past them and not let their negative energy pull me down. 
Teaching: Jackson how to like/love more than one person at a time. Something he struggles with. 
Noticing: dark bags under my eyes. Sexy Sexy.
Tasting:  Coffee. God knows I need it today.
Knowing: it's going to be a busy time the next few days. When we go back home there are always so many we want to see. 
Thinking: about our future. Where will it lead us. I need a crystal ball. 
Opening: the suitcase over and over putting forgotten items in. 
Giggling: at nothing this morning. It's been a huge rush. 
Feeling: exhausted but happy to be leaving soon. I need to go get the kids and get the car packed up but I can't stop yawning!
February: was a overall good month. We had a bunch of stuff going on this past month but we are all doing a lot better with our schedules and to do lists. One step at a time! 

Thank you guys for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the video and blog post! Feel free to let me know how February was for you! xx