Revisiting our Favorite ☼ Summer ☼ Recipes! | Video & Recipe Links! |

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are getting along well today. I can't believe how fast summer showed up for us. It seems like yesterday when I was complaining about the cold weather and now here we are in the middle of the summer! I thought today I would take you back through some of my older recipes that I have already shared on my youtube channel and this blog. There are new people subscribing everyday who don't know about these recipes...who don't want to hunt through playlists for something new to make their family. So with that in mind, here are some of my tried and true family summer recipes! ( Direct links to each is below! ) Hope you enjoy. 

These recipes are pretty easy and I love using the grill and keeping the heat out of the house. Here are all the recipes shown/mentioned in the video above! 

Thank you for stopping by today. I plan on doing more of these where we revisit some of my past videos. I think it will be nice for new subscribers and a good refresher for friends that are already subscribed! :) Let me know if you have any questions about any of the recipes. Have a beautiful and blessed Wednesday. xx

Late Night Tuesday Truths

Hello everyone. It's late here...actually it's technically Wednesday. But since it's not Wednesday on the west coast....we are going with it! :) Here's another edition of Tuesday Truths. Hope you enjoy! 

:: My cats are fighting right now. They are running through the house....hissing, meowing and screeching like it's the middle of the afternoon. I guess their power naps paid off! 

:: I have done my best to not complain since moving here but yesterday we got a $225 sewer bill. Our water bill is separate and was $100 for the same time period. What the hell is a sewer bill I ask you!? In SC we only had a water bill that covered it all and it never costs us anything like this. And then I try to call them only to realize these nice sewer people get off work at 430. Fancy that. I am forsure calling tomorrow and finding out what this is all I want to know why in the world it's that high. I understand the water bill but not that sewer bill. I just imagine in my head that we are flushing the toilets too much! hahahahaha! Idk but I am going to figure this sewer mess out. 

:: Scott is clearly having problems sleeping tonight. He choose the couch because he is tossing and turning so much. He's awake right now flopping around. I feel sorry for him. Sleep is hard for me but not usually due to pain. :(

:: I had a nice walk early in the day only to buy Long John Silvers. Makes sense right? I thought so. 

:: Zane doesn't start football for a couple of weeks. For the past week or so he has spent a lot of time on the xbox and internet.....driving his dad crazy. I think we just want them all to have the childhood that we did. We played outside. We were not in the house watching tv or playing on electronics when the sun was shining. We weren't up our parents butt's all the time either. It's just not really that way with our kids. But we are trying to change that a little at a time. 

::  I am learning how to really communicate what I am feeling and thinking without hesitation. It's been kinda fun just saying how I feel and not making any excuses about it. When I say no, I mean it...and I feel good inside knowing I am speaking my truth. It might piss them off but not me! 

:: Summer TV has been totally sucking. I wish all the new seasons of all my favorite shows would come back on...soon very soon. 

:: Have I mentioned how much I hate doing my nails? It's always a hassle. But I hate spending all that too at nail salons. I just have to get better at it I guess. 

::  Yesterday I had to remind the kids of the chores again...which is 2 chores per day for Brittany and Zane and Jackson only has one chore a week because he's at his dads most of the time. Well with that friendly reminder to take out the overflowing trash and emptying the dishwasher they also got a warning. If I have to remind them to do those simple tasks, they will have to remind me to turn on their data or turn on the internet here in the house. And I won't be in any kind of hurry. And again, I said it with a smile on my face. :)

:: More terror attacks in Turkey tonight. 50 dead and 147 wounded.  I don't understand this world. And it scares me to know that one day I won't be here to protect my kids and family. 

:: I got an email from what I suspect was a troll listing out all the things that they didn't like about me. Bhahahahaha Yea ok. What do they think I will do. Change everything they mentioned? No way in hell am I doing that. Instead they got a very sweet email back thanking them for taking the time to write me. Again....the art of  " bitchcraft " happening in full force here lately. Most of the time I am a loose cannon with my mouth. No one knows what to do when I don't react like I normally would. Don't get me wrong....I still have all those thoughts in my head but they are not coming out of my mouth. 

:: I miss Jackson. I know he is happy at his dads. He is getting more mature and growing up so fast. Tomorrow today is soccer practice! :) 

:: I am already talking to Scott about how this next school year ( starting July 27 ) is going to be. Lots of driving. Lots of sports activities. I am a little nervous about driving in winter but Scott said he would handle the driving on those days. It scares me to think about driving the roads when they are snowy and icy. No thank you. I will totally be a winter hermit as much as possible! 

:: I am still loving my bullet journal. I did have to switch out of the grey one because a accident happened and coffee got spilt and it soaked through the pages. Thanks kitty cats....I still love you though! And maybe it was for the best anyway. 

:: I have been drinking a little apple cider vinegar everyday. It's harsh some mornings but I find drinking it in warm water...not hot but warm with a little lemon is a bit easier. I drink it fast to get it in me so I can move on to coffee. I'll probably make a video soon explaining it all soon. From what I understand there are lots of health benefits. It can't hurt so I added it into my morning routine. 

:: My hair is at that weird state. It's not so easy growing out an angled bob. It's all different lengths and it's starting to wing out in the back some but I'm dealing with it. Today I just let it do it's own thing....which looked crazy. Thankfully my hair tends to grow fast. 

:: We are having a cookout over the weekend and I never got the invitations made so I guess it's going to be by phone! I am so happy we can be home with our kids and family. If just all the kids were here, I would be so happy. However, Jackson and my ex husband have plans. Grrrrrrrrrrr.  Maybe I will just switch it to Saturday instead of Sunday and he can come....great idea! 

::  I am walking Cooper....starving him basically ( from what his expressions show ) and I don't making a bit of difference. He's going to be 9 in December and I just hate to do this to him in the last years of his life. But I know it's for the best....but it makes me feel awful. 

Thank you guys for stopping by! I might be late with this post but at least I got it done and published! :) I'll see ya soon with a new video! xx

♡ Recent Empties! ♡ Beauty, Household & Pets → June 2016 | Video |

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday. I am back today with a new video sharing our empties since our move. These are the things we have used up....with my thoughts on each! Hope you enjoy. 

I did my best to share a new items of variety. My husband use to think I was crazy for saving the " trash" but now he's totally on board and now we even have a special spot and bin for all our empties. :) I would love to hear about something you have used up and either enjoyed or not so enjoyed from this past month. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed Tuesday. New edition of Tuesday Truths coming up later be sure to come back! xx

Week in Review w/ DITL Vlog & Weekly To Do's June 20-27, 2016

Monday, June 27, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. I am back today sharing a new week in review. This is where I share bits and pieces of the past week. Hope you enjoy! More is below...

We had a really nice week. We had pretty good weather and all the kids were more active outside. Coming up here in the warmer months I think was wise. The evenings are beautiful. I am still feeling so blessed to be here with our kids and family. I can't believe how fast summer is happening. The kids last day of school was May 27 and they start back up July 27. They are considered to go all year around....something new since I went to school here. Back to school " everything " is going to happen much earlier for us this year. A new schedule for a new but old city! 

Here's a few things I want to get done this week:

:: Water plants...the days are getting hotter and hotter
:: Check PO Box
:: Wash outdoor cushions
:: Clean ashes out of grill
:: Get to sleep at a better time....still staying up too late. 
:: Laundry....the washer always seems to be running in this house. 
:: Paint Nails...again
:: Clean up DVR
:: Order Brittany's Cheer Items....bows and bodysuits 
:: Scoop cat boxes....Yuck!
:: Start new house project....not sure which one it will be....but starting on something. 
:: Wash windows
:: Walk Cooper daily. 
:: Make a sweet treat for the kids
:: Get Scott to mow the yard.

Here's some inspiration to take with you. 
Thank you for stopping by today. I am taking things a bit slower but as soon as this goes live, it's time to get a lot done around the house. I also hope to record a video today or this evening for tomorrow so I guess I better get on it! Have a beautiful and blessed week! xx

Friday Night Shopping Haul | Video |

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hello friends, I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday afternoon. I am back sharing a Friday night food haul. It was a long day but the kids really wanted to go, so we went shopping a little later than normal. I share some dinner ideas and the items we got...hope you enjoy! 

I really enjoy watching hauls as much as I enjoy sharing them. I guess it's a bit like buggy watching! Anyway,  I hope to finally be back on schedule with my Friday and or Saturday hauls. I hate going grocery shopping in the middle of the week. I was going to share a what's cookin' vlog but there is just not that much footage...and not that many meals. Sooooo...stay tuned for a new cooking vlog to pop up next Sunday! xx

Friday Letters

Friday, June 24, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Friday. I am back with another edition of Friday Letters. It's been a while since I have shared one of these blog I hope you enjoy!

- Dear God, Thank you for watching over and protecting our kids. That's really all I want. Thank you for listening to my prayers. 

- Dear Self, You really need to get your act together and start getting to bed earlier. The school year will be here before I know it....and there is no hiding under the covers from that point on! 

- Dear Summer, I feel as you are passing us by. I think it's just taken a while to get settled in and I don't this is the year for a big family vacation....but I do want to do a few fun things with the kids.  

- Dear Scott, I love you dear husband but that snoring is driving me crazy! I think we are both sleeping a lot less now that we are back in the same bed. But I do like having you beside me....regardless of how loud you are! 

- Dear Jackson, You did great at soccer the other night. I am so proud of you for finally trying a sport. You will always be my baby. I love you Jackson. 

- Dear Emily, I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how hard it is for you and your kids right now. Just hold them close and know that one day you will see your sweet heart again. And he's with you right calm and you will feel it. 

- Dear Bare Minerals, You are hands down my favorite makeup. Seriously. I don't know why I even try other things. You always make my skin feel and look better. Thank you. :)

- Dear Mom, glad everything is going well with the dog training. I think it's the perfect little job for you! 

- Dear Donald Trump, Running a golf course IS NOT like running a country. You are so full of shit. The end. 

- Dear Brittany, You are growing up so fast. I am so proud of you. You are still the best thing I have ever done. Keep working hard to accomplish your goals and to follow your dreams. 

- Dear Neighbors, thank you for those American flags flying high around our house. I love looking out my bedroom window and seeing the flag. It just makes me happy so thank you! 

- Dear Cooper, I was going through your papers and realized you really will be 9 years old this December. You are such a huge part of our family and we love you bunches! 

- Dear Trina, Sorry your new camera isn't everything you would be. Hopefully you will find one that meets all your needs soon! 

- Dear Body, you have been feeling so much better but this past week, I have been more achey, sore and uncomfortable. Please start feeling better soon.

- Dear Zane, there is a big world beyond the xbox! Put down the controller and come join us! We love you! 

- Dear Indiana, Thank you for all the good memories we have made here so far. I am so happy to be up here with all of our kids and family. I can't believe I was so scared and nervous about being here. It's so much better than what I thought it would be. 

- Dear fitbit, I am so addicted to you. I think it's amazing how you can keep track of so much. I don't know how I ever lived without you! 

- Dear Shanna, I'm sorry that life has just gotten busy! I miss you and will make sure we have time to talk more! And yes....the new rug is really pretty! 

- Dear Cesar Millan, I am still obsessed with your shows. I love that our handy DVR is finding and recording all the old shows I have never seen before. 

- Dear Laura, I know you might not be happy about it but I am happy you guys are finally coming back. We have missed you! Drive safe. 

- Dear Bullet Journal, you are really working well for me right now. :) Thank you for making my life easier. 

- Dear Coffee, you were so good this morning that I am still drinking you right now! :)

- Dear Dad, I wish things were better between us. Sorry...your crazy bitch wife is too much for me. Wait till I tell you everything she has done. I know you don't know how to be a father and I forgive you for it but it would be nice if you could try harder. Do you ever think about them? You know who I am talking don't just bury your dead and move on. You are suppose to honor their lives everyday. 

- Dear Tickets, it's time to pay you but let me just be clear.....YOU SUCK! But I have to pay you or I won't be able to get my Indiana license. No more excuses. 

- Dear NASA, I want you to speak up and out a little more about these photos. I need to hear from you if these are true pictures before I really made a personal judgement. It looks kinda real to me but I still want to know those are exact photos from the Curiosity rover undoctored. 

- Dear House, I am still loving you. I am doing my best to get back to a normal cleaning routine and back to including zones in my routines as well. It's not the easiest thing to move into a new house and having to create new zones, cleaning times, new's a big job and I never feel completely done! Thank you for keeping us warm and safe. 

- Dear Kitty Cats, you guys are a little pack around here stalking flies and chasing each other around here. 

- Dear Hair, not sure what I am doing with you. Do I grow you out?? Keep you short?? Not sure. I am thinking I will maybe let it grow out to my shoulders. But I don't want long hair to deal with everyday. Shoulder length should be long enough. 

- Dear Blog/Youtube Friends, thank you guys for always being so kind and supportive. I have stayed in this community because of you. I love you guys. Have a great weekend! xx

Quick Dollar Tree Haul! | Video |

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday. Today I am struggling to get everything checked off my to do list but I won't quit until it's matter how tired I am. :) Yesterday I went to our local Dollar Tree for the first time since we moved. I wanted to pick up some items for the cookout we are having soon. I found a bunch of items I wanted....hope you enjoy! 

I love those glasses I found! I love the color but today I get the pleasure of washing them all and removing the stickers on the bottom. Anyway, I found a lot of great items for just $1 each! I hope you guys are having a wonderful day. I'll see ya soon! xx

2016 Planning Series: Bullet Journal Introduction | The Basic Setup | Video

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. I am back today with another video in my 2016 planning series. I have loved sharing different planners and journals with you so far this year but now we are to the point where I want to start talking about Bullet Journaling. I want to break it down to the bare bones and share how easy it is to use this system created by Ryder Carroll. He designed a way of rapid logging that is sure to help us all in our everyday lives.  In the video below you will find the very simple system without a lot of extras.'s more simple than most would realize. Hope you enjoy the video! 

I know that when you online at bullet journals many are extremely decorated and color coded....but none of that is necessary with this system. I recommend really getting to know the bullet journal and how it works with the Index, Future Log, the different collections, rapid logging, using bullets and signifiers and finally pulling it all together through migration. 

Once you have the system down, then start decorating and such if you wish. But making it complex to use normally means it won't actually get used that much. So don't make it too complex at first. Just get to know the system. And maybe some of you are already amazing at bullet journaling. But before we start really diving into the subject of bullet journaling, we should talk about the simple concept of this way of journaling/planning. 

Because I am using this system again and because I love it, I am great Moleskine Notebook that would be perfect for a new bullet journal. So I am giving one each way to a couple of you lucky winners!  You have till July 6, 2016 to get entered. You do not need a facebook account but you do have to share your email. There are a lot of ways to get entered earn more entries! The winners will be announced on THIS BLOG POST. Good Luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed the video. I also hope it inspires you to consider using the bullet journal in  your everyday lives. There are so many different beautiful bullet journals out there but it doesn't have to be that complex. It's not suppose to make you feel stressed out to work in the journal. Instead you should feel at peace that you are accomplishing all of your tasks and staying on schedule. I do have my current bullet journal decorated a little but the analog system is what keeps it all straight! More bullet journal video's and blog posts coming soon. xx

What's Cookin' | Our Daily Meals | Video

Hello friends. Back to doing some late night posting! I guess it's better than not posting at all. Tonight I am back sharing another What's Cookin' Video sharing our daily meals vlog style. I take you into the kitchen with me and share some of the prep and cooking with our dinners. I hope this gives you some new dinner ideas for your own families. Hope you enjoy! 

As you could see, many meals are fast and easy to make. I just don't want to spend all my time in the kitchen cooking each night. I want to feed my family something they will enjoy that is somewhat healthy without hours of work. I didn't have any complaints this past week which means they actually enjoyed all the dinners! Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for stopping by! I'll have a new video and giveaway up soon! Be sure to come back. xx

Tuesday Talks & Truths

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy Tuesday friends. I am back sharing a new edition of Tuesday Truths. Hope you enjoy! 

:: I woke up so sleepy/tired today. It wasn't easy climbing out of the bed and it would be so nice to climb right back in it right now. It seems like a great day to climb back in bed and and dream the day away. I doubt that will actually happen though. 

:: Someone I love was hurt last night...and it makes me sad and angry all at the same time. 

:: Today is the day I figure out where all my old tickets are, how much they are going to cost to pay and how to finally take care of all the shit affecting my drivers license. No fun but it's time to get it handled. I was told my license is good here in Indiana but just expired. Yea!! I just got a few tickets to pay in SC and I should be good to go. I hate all these hassles but it's past time to take care of it. 

:: My husband snores. It's just what it is and sleeping is much harder now. We are both waking each other up all the time. I hope when school starts we all start getting on the same schedule. It's been so hard sharing a room again but we keep trying. I know this is a big deal for some people out there but honestly....I wish they would mind their own business. Scott and I make the decisions in our home. No one else. 

:: Loving that Trump fired his campaign manager. I hope he just fades away. I am so sick of hearing his redrick and bullshit. I'm over it....I wish we could vote right now. 

:: I read something today that sleeping on your back is the best way to avoid wrinkles on your face and neck. I am screwed. I fall to sleep every night on my right side. EVERY NIGHT. Perfect huh? Wonder if my mom knew this and just cared to not share it with us girls but it's nice to know that sleeping can actually wreck your face. Fancy that. 

:: I have been working really hard to figure out what really makes me happy. You would think I would have it all figured out but honestly, I don't. I think I am finally happier than I have been in a long time...all because of our kids. Being home where we are all together has been such a blessing. 

:: I love having the umbrella open open outside with our patio table. However that love has made me have to replace 3 umbrellas. And guess what it' broke again. Not terribly....I think it's still ok for now but I seriously need to figure this issue out. Unless I find some kind of industrial umbrella, I guess I am just going to have to close it more. :(

:: My bullet journal is going really well. I think I might just make the first video about it today for tomorrow...that is if I can actually wake up. And yes, I know what time it is. 

:: I know I have kinda neglected my blog. It's harder now with more going on. I love it here...and will always have it. It's just not a top priority at this point. But I am working harder and trying to keep somewhat of a new schedule. And during summer it's even harder!! Just be patient with me! 

:: I hate waiting on shipments to come in. I don't have any patience....come on UPS man! 

:: I need to buy a new beauty blender like right away. Mine is so amount of cleaning will help! 

:: The internet has had a mind of it's own today...which is another reason this post is going live later in the is amazing when it works....but when it doesn' totally sucks!

:: My teenage daughter is being a little bratty today! I guess it's part of it. She's still amazing and we love her even on her grumpy days! 

:: Get this...according to a new study  found The majority of boys who view online pornography believe it provides a realistic depiction of sex. Yea...I about died reading that. I think we need to be talking to our boys more. I don't my kids thinking that is normal sex. No way. No No No. And no matter how much you protect your kids at home, doesn't mean they won't see it. Brittany told me the boys at school would have it on their phones running up and down the hallways showing it to everyone. Perfect right? I just couldn't believe it. Maybe I am just getting old but porn is on a entirely different level...that shouldn't be believed. 

:: I am having Scott pick up some premade pesto on his way home tonight....that should be an interesting scavenger hunt for him! 

:: I want to get busy on my vision board this week. I never had an actual vision board on the wall but I'm doing it and see where it gets me...can't hurt right! 

:: I had to get my epi pen out when a bee was in my room. I tried to ignore but I needed to get prepared. So sad for the little bee who wondered in. He never made it back out. It's weird...I am highly allergic to bees but not honey. I must be an alien! It's weird isn't it?

Well the day has went on. This blog post was started at 10am. much for this day! I still think I can get everything checked off my to do list even if I am working into the evening/night. Hope you have a beautiful evening. I will hopefully be back later with a new video. xx

Week in Review w/ DITL Vlog and Weekly To Do's

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hello everyone. I am always happy on Mondays. The start of a fresh new week with endless possibilities just makes me smile! I am back with another week in review. Here's a vlog sharing bits and pieces of our week...and more is below! 

Photos from the week:
This past week was a really a calm easy going week. I still ran around a lot but there was a bunch of times when I was able to enjoy the beauty in a quiet day. I worked a lot on the new cozi app planning out our appointments, meals, and grocery list. I like it because everyone in the family is able to fill it in themselves and they can also add to the grocery list too. I have also been bullet journaling as well. I need a personal planner. That will never change but knowing we all can access the same family calendar on our phones has made life a lot easier. 

Brittany came back this past week. I was so happy when their plane touched down. I know I have to get used to her being gone and doing her own thing but I missed her. I think everyone in the house missed her. We were right back to all her appointments and running around...even in the pouring rain! Jackson is coming over more being he is out of school as well. He still helps out with the hedgehog cage which I appreciate. We have been doing a lot of grilling out, s'mores on the grill are amazing. Summer evenings at home are also amazing when we are hanging out on the back yard with our kids. Lightening bugs flying around. Laughs and giggles from our kids and even kids in the houses around us. Summer brings out the best in all of us I think! 

Scott and I have have been enjoying Friday nights out kids and it's been nice. We really needed the time together. We tend to go out for sushi every time but it's soooooo good. Fresh and healthy. Scott and I had a great time and came home to veg out in front of the tv. We stayed up late watching Eye in the Sky....a really really good movie! 

I am still keeping up with walking Cooper. We try to do it early, evenings and at night when it's not as hot. It's not just hard on him; it's hard on me as well. I think the new routine is good for us both. :) Also with all this warm weather the cats are shedding like crazy. I have been busy grooming each one of them a couple times a week to get all that loose hair off of them. As you could see in the video above, Romeo loves it. 

Life around here has been different than expected. Better than expected. I love riding along some of the old roads than I haven't been on for 20 years. Memories come racing back at almost every turn but I am enjoying life in a new way. Our kids are giving me new memories...better memories. Fathers day was good for both of the men in my life. Scott enjoyed the day out on the golf course with Zane and then came home to one of his favorite dinners. Brittany and Jackson's dad got time and gifts from the kids...and it was the first time in a long time that we were all together on this holiday. A great way to end the week. 

Weekly To Do's
  • Go to bed on time....something I seriously struggle with
  • Figure out new zones for cleaning
  • Continue walks with Super Cooper. 
  • Take photos of house party items. 
  • File paperwork on desk
  • Paint nails...seriously need to wear the kitchen gloves more. 
  • Try to get ahead on video schedule. 
  • Go look for new hanging basket for front of house. 
  • Make a few important calls
  • Wash windows on 1st floor. 
  • Work in Journals.
  • Get dinner going soon....sorry this post is going live later in the evening. 
  • Answer emails. 
  • Make a sweet treat for my family....I'm thinking Mary's magic cake
  • Share some older summer videos on facebook
  • Check PO Box
  • Figure out a new date night spot....other than sushi
  • Organize new spot in the house
  • Run to the dollar store.
Here's some inspiration to take with you: 

Thanks so much for coming back....again for some of you! I have been loving the weather, the company, the beautiful area that we are now in. It truly feels like a huge weight off my shoulders being here. Thank you for all of your love and support. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week. xx

Catching up with Shopping Hauls | Video |

Hello friends! Happy Monday to all of you. I know that normally I post a week in review on Mondays with a new day in the life vlog but first....I needed to catch up this blog of mine with my most recent shopping hauls. Yesterday I decided to head to my local walmart to pick up some grocery and household's the haul if you want to check it out! 

Also last week I went to Meijers and got a few things we needed as well. It was just a quick mid week haul. If you haven't see it yet, here it is! :)

Thank you for stopping by. I am going to start working on a new week in review and should have it live in a couple of hours. And yes there will be a new vlog included. So stop back by later and check it out! I hope you are having a beautiful and blessed Monday. xx

2016 Indiana Move:2 Month Update

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having an amazing Fathers Day. Scott and Zane have been on the golf course which is giving me a little extra time. I feel like I have so much to catch up on. In case you haven't seen it yet, here is a 2 month Indiana update. I had so many worries and concerns moving back home, so I thought some real life updates would be kinda nice to do. Hope you enjoy.

Life has been going better than even I expected. The weather has been so pretty and it's been nice getting out more. We still want to get out and have a little more summer fun but school starts soon actually and there is so much already going on. I stay busier but I am not complaining. I love having all the kids with us. Each of them has something going on right now and it feels good to be here to experience it with ALL of them. We have some amazing kids and I am so proud of them all....they are the reason we are here and for that alone I am so very grateful.xx

Week in Review w/ DITL Vlog & Weekly To Do's + Food Haul!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Hello friends. Happy Monday to you all. I am back with a new day in the life vlog sharing bits and pieces of our week. Grab some coffee or tea...take a break and come spend an hour with us! More is below! 

This past week started off pretty quiet. Brittany was gone on her summer vacation and I was back with all the boys! I won't lie...I worried non stop while they were flying. I hate my kids in the air. But once they landed, I felt a lot better. The weather has been so beautiful here this past week. We had the bikes out...which lead to me learning or trying to learn how the hell to get a chain back on a bike. Why didn't I know this already!? I guess I just never had to do it myself. But thanks to Art helping out via the phone I did manage to get the right tools out. However, I got frustrated and eventually had Scott help us! Zane and Jackson hung out a lot more which totally made me :). Those two have their moments but I loved seeing them together. We went to my husbands house and hung out...jumped around on the trampoline, visited and then we took Cooper for a swim. I am pretty sure the swim did him good. He came right home and fell to sleep and never got up till the next afternoon. He loved it though and we will be for sure going back. We also had a little time with our oldest daughter as well. We really enjoy being over there with her and our grandkids. Little baby Roman wasn't feeling god and he adores Scott. So it' was perfect timing. 

As I mentioned the weather has been so nice here. The cats have been loving being able to go outside and enjoy some fresh air. I get so nervous because I know they can all jump over the privacy fence anytime they want. They are watched every moment they are out but it's been nice letting them outside instead of just sitting at an open window. We took full advantage of the weather and enjoyed some old roads that we haven't driven on in years. It was lovely and then we had an amazing Sushi dinner. Both of us were pretty tired that night so we enjoyed a great dinner, a couple of cocktails and then came right back a couple of old people and enjoyed movies all night long. I was so tired the next morning afternoon but woke up to such a nice little gift from Scott. He got me some beautiful flowers and a new coffee pot with a sweet note. Our coffee pot was just not working right and he just saved me the hassle of trying to figure out which one to get. He didn't look up reviews...he didn't worry like I would and since he make the coffee, he picked out the pot. It's nice too and working great! Before I knew it, it was time to go get Brittany. She flew back in on Sunday and I was so happy to see her. She enjoyed a week on the beach, renting jet skis, hanging out with her best friend and getting some sun. I missed her so much. 

Also during the middle of the week I went to to the grocery. It actually took me off schedule because I didn't need to go back on Friday and here I am on Monday knowing I will have to get to the store in the next couple of days. I hate being off schedule! I was just noticing that we really needed some extra lunch and snack items. The kids are out of school, Scott is eating lunch at home more and more, and we were running low. Here's the haul if you haven't seen it already! 

This weekend was also so tragic for our friends in Orlando. It was so horrific and heart breaking. We lift them in our thoughts and prayers. ♥

Here's a few things I need to get done this week:

- Clean up! 
- Have Scott call school for some needed information for Zane. 
- Clean up files on laptop. 
- Go through paperwork lying around waiting for me to file.
- Bath Cooper and brush out cats.
- Add new activities to big kitchen calendar.
- Make time to read a few chapters of my new book.
- Find and order trampoline.
- Continue to work on gallery wall. It's harder than I expected. I am still in search of frames. Wait till it's time to figure out all the photos. I can't wait to get it done!
- Start organizing the bathroom and closet. Little by little! We are really still moving into this house.
- Run Brittany back and forth to cheer this week and every week thereafter!
- Answer important emails..asap
- Menu Plan and write out grocery list.
- Figure out what to do for Father's Day for Scott and Art
- Empty ashes from the grill.
- Wash all bedding today and tomorrow.
- Continue to walk and swim Super Cooper
- Look for some plants for the backyard

Here's some inspiration to take with you! 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope to get a lot accomplished this week if all goes as planned. I should be back with some new videos each be sure to come back and visit! Have a beautiful and blessed week. xx

2016 Planning Series: My FaVoRiTe 4 Planner Apps | Video |

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hello friends. I hope you are having a wonderful night. It's been a busy day for me which is why I am posting this tonight. :) Many of you have asked what planner apps I tend to use. For the longest time, I just couldn't find any that really fit my life. Our kids were not busy in sports so pen and paper worked fine. Then we moved back to our home state...our kids are older and much busier. We had to figure something out so we could all get on the same page scheduling wise. Here is what I found has been working for us. Hope you enjoy! 

I hope this helps some of you with on the go planning. I actually know people who only plan electronically and it works just fine for them. I am still not very fond of that idea but you never know! Let me know what planner apps you enjoy the most if you feel like sharing! xx

Week in Review W/ DITL Vlog & Weekly To Do's

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hello friends! Welcome to another Monday. I can't believe how fast time really is flying by. Before I blink, summer will be over and the kids will be back in school. Today it's a quiet day in the house and I am getting a slow start...and it feels amazing! :) I am back with another week in review where I share a new vlog with bits and pieces of this past a bunch more! Hope you enjoy!

Last Monday - Memorial Day - started off with a wonderful lunch with my sister in laws. It was a beautiful day and it was the perfect time to get together. Marie came....and it was the first time in a loooong time that we got together for afternoon lunch. I don't remember what the burger I got was called but it had a fried egg on it. I had never tried anything like it before. It was good but I kinda scared to add ketchup because of the egg but once I did it was delicious. We sat there and talked, gossiped, and laughed in the warm summer breeze. I think we are going to try to get together maybe once a month or so....which I think we will all enjoy!

As the week rolled on I tried to do my best to start organizing certain areas of the house. When we moved in, we did it in a hurry. We had kids to get in school asap so we just got stuff in the general area. It was never a long term kind of set up. So I started with the really needed cleaning and's the one spot that always needs more and more organization. It felt great to get it cleaned up stocked with a lot of healthy options. We don't eat perfect but I want it to be more healthy than not. Now if I could just give up the Mountain Dew! I don't know what it is about that yellow dye, high fructose syrup and caffine that has me so bad but I am working on it.

Another project I am working on is the gallery wall. As you come in the front door you come down this hallway and I want it filled with pictures of our family, our animals..special moments. I thought about it for a while. I wasn't sure how I would get it set up. So the first thing I did was cut paper to give me an idea of different size frames and I used washi tape to hang them. It doesn't effect the paint....and it peels right off. I changed it around a 1000 times and finally settled on the current arrangement. I think it's a total of 43 pictures & frames.  There are 8x10's, 5x7's and 4x6's photos. I think I am doing to do all black and white so it looks cleaner and black frames. Hopefully I can find a good deal on amazon for the frames. The harder job is figuring out all the photos. It won't happen overnight but hopefully in a couple of weeks this area will be done. And I think it will be really inviting and I love family photos. I can't wait to get it finished!

In the middle of the week there were errands and running the kids back and forth. They would love to keep me in the kitchen and car all the time if they had their way! I don't mind. I have missed out a lot with Brittany and I have been loving all the time together. She is smart, kind, loving and I am so proud of her. The girls really are so much fun to hang out with. I think I have just been surrounded by boys only for too long. Boys who love xbox, football, hunting...all the things I don't really care for. Now it's more balanced out. :) I hung out with Jackson a few times and he is doing great at his dads. He does have more responsibility but it's good that I am not there to baby him as much. It's hard letting go but I am also proud of him. He was so excited last night because he starts soccer on Wednesday.  Zane is doing great. He starts football in a few weeks. I know nothing about either soccer or football but I guess I am going to learn about both this year. :) With Brittany's cheer, and the boys both in sports it looks like its going to be busy for both Scott and I. I am so excited about all the kids this year. I have wanted them all to be active doing something that they love. It amazing watching them grow up.

Once Friday rolled around it was time to get ready for her Florida vacation. She went with Kenzie and Kenzie's grandmother but we had a lot to do to get ready. We grabbed a quick meal and then got shopping to get a few things Brittany needed for the trip. Kenzie went along too and got a cute new shirt. I hated her tagging along just watching. So she got a shirt and while Brittany was shopping we were in the massage chairs enjoying ourselves for a few minutes. It was a fun but tiring night. I didn't even make it home Friday until after 11pm. I collapsed in the bed only to have to get up and get her out of the house on time to catch their flight.

Sunday Scott and Zane took off to the golf course and spent hours there together. I am not sure how much Zane likes golf yet but I like that he is trying. I like that Scott and him are spending time together. And the fresh air does us all good! I decided that Sunday was the perfect day to totally reorganize the kitchen. It was a huge job and took me hours upon hours to get done but it was so worth it. Then I moved on to the laundry room and got that a little more organized as well. There is still more to do in that room but it's starting to feel truly like home. Now I finally have the kitchen organized to the way I want and hopefully cooking won't feel like such a chore. When I am going drawer to drawer, cabinet to cabinet in search of something it just makes it so much harder. So thankfully that is over! I actually have 2 boxes that I need to unpack this week that is kitchen stuff but once that job is over, the kitchen is done. :) I am going to go into the master bath next and organize and then the master bedroom closet. Little by little we will get this house set up the way we want. And with everything going on with the kids, I can't do it all at one time. Little by little. I am still enjoying the house as well as the neighborhood. I feel safe and comfortable here. All the kids love the house and I love that we don't deal with barking dogs or chickens crowing. Life is better here all the way around. I still have a bunch of stuff that I need to get done. Here's a little list of some of the task for this week. ↓

- Work on closet in living room
- Figure out small workout...starting off slow and easy. Last time I seriously hurt myself.
- Get Jackson's soccer schedule written out on calendar.
- Don't let stupid people or negative energy take up any time in my days.
- Lay out pork chops for dinner tonight.
- Clean back door in living room from doggie slobbers
- Plan something fun to do with Jackson on Thursday.
- Brush out and bathe Cooper....something I keep putting off.
- Figure out when to get all the kids physicals in the next couple of weeks.
- Continue to work on gallery wall in hallway. Another rather big job.
- Get blind fixed in the big room upstairs.
- Clean ceiling fan in bedroom.
- Also need to wash out window seals. Each one is super dirty..something I didn't notice right away.
- Paint nails
- Work on keeping up with video schedule.... which means I need to film a new video today!
- Really clean coffee pot with vinegar. It needs it.
- Menu plan for next week and try to meal prep as much as possible.
- Go through paperwork on desk.
- Donate to Emily Myers. If you don't about Emily and her beautiful should. I might not be able to contribute a lot but I am choosing to financially help because I feel like it's the right thing to do. She has 5 babies all under 6 years old and her young husband is in the last weeks of his life. We lift them up in our prayers.
- Look for bed for upstairs bedroom. We plan on putting the living room furniture up there at some point but I would like to have a bed up there for Jackson or guests.
- Continue daily walks with cooper.
- Plan date night with Scott. We keep doing new random things and I am excited about our next night out together!
- Clean up really needs it.
- Look for some flowers to plant in the back yard. Tomato plants too!
- Find food...soon! I'm starving!
- Go through pile of papers sitting on my desk needing my attention.

Here's some inspiration to take along with you today!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to stop by. I hope you enjoyed the vlog and blog post. Life has been really good to us here lately. I am proud of our family and I am so very thankful that we are finally here with all the kids. Nothing means more to me and I will forever be grateful to Scott for finally moving us back home. Neither of us really wanted to make this move at first but after really thinking about what would be best for our kids and family; we knew it was the right thing to do. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week. See ya soon. xx

What's Cookn' | Our Daily Meals |

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hello friends. It's amazing to me how late I am getting around to posting on here.'s just summertime hours! Today I uploaded a new What's Cookin' video sharing our daily meals. I try to bring you along a little bit taking you through the cooking process instead of just sharing some quick food diary. Here's the meals we recently had. Hope you enjoy! 

I am trying to eat a little more simple. Less meat and potatoes and more chicken and vegetables. With summer here, we don't want such heavy meals and it's too nice to be stuck in the kitchen all night. Simple, fast, overall healthy is how I want it right now! If you have any questions or comments be sure to let me know! I'll see ya tomorrow ( hopefully before midnight ) with a new week in review & vlog! xx

Quick Aldi Food Haul | Video |

Hello everyone. Today I had a few errands to run and Aldi was one. I picked Aldi this time because I didn't need as much, it's close to the house and it's pretty fast to get through. They don't carry everything I want, but normally I can save money and get the majority of things there. Here's a quick look at what I got....hope you enjoy! 

I won't lie...I did miss Meijers. I am shocked that I got use to it so fast but I will probably go again mid week if we need anything. I was thankful  that I got in and out of Aldi's in about 30 minutes. Gotta love that! Thanks so much for stopping by. My next video will be a new cooking vlog! xx

Plan w/ Me! { June 2016 } Featuring Station Stickers Monthly Kit

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hello friends. I hope you are having a wonderful evening. I am back sharing a video in my 2016 planning series. This time we are actually planning and not going over a new planner. I take you though how I get our big family calendar ready at the beginning of each month. I am also sharing some amazing Station Stickers with you as well. They offer monthly kits for $5.00 each. They are so pretty! Here's the video...hope you enjoy!

Here's a closer look at the stickers that came in the June Station Stickers bundle. 

They are so beautiful. I love them! With the big calendar it will fill in a lot more as the days go on. It's located in the kitchen where Scott and the kids can see it easily on a daily basis. As I shared in the beginning of the video that our May calendar was just done in pen and highlighter but normally I like it bright and bold. I think it's important because it really helps my family see it. Thanks so much for stopping by. I'll see ya soon with a new food haul. xx

Looking Back: May Reflections | Video

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hello everyone! See I did get back here to post this video tonight! I bet a few of you were thinking it probably wouldn't happen. I wanted to come back tonight and share a new reflecting video sharing my current thoughts on last month and my thoughts on things hopefully to come. Hope you enjoy the video...much more is below! 

Seeing: the sun set later and later. I love summer! 
Making: Our new house a day at a time. 
Cooking: well...cooked pepperoni rolls for dinner tonight. It's easy and the three teenagers in the house loved it. 
Drinking: less soda and more water. If I want the kids to have healither drinks, I have to do the same...most of the time! 
Hearing: the girls giggle in the living room. I don't think there is anything that sounds so sweet. 
Wanting: to go room by room, area by area and organize different parts of the house. 
Looking: at the future with so much hope and optimism. The future is bright!
Playing: the wii a lot. It's one of my favorite little machines on the planet. 
Wasting: time thinking about others think. Yea...I got to get over that. People will feel the way they do regardless of what I say or do. I have to accept it and move on with my life. 
Bookmarking: a few new recipes I want to try . 
Understanding: that simple changes can make all the difference in life, relationships....everything. 
Wishing: I had more money to do all the things I want done. I guess it will just take time and patience and a real budget! 
Touching: Scott with my feet right now! He's beside me while we watch a movie. 
Enjoying: Indiana more than expected. Thank you God. 
Waiting: on mom to get back up here in July. I miss her a lot. 
Planning: Some fun summer little get aways. No big vacation this year but we do plan on doing a lot around here in the coming weeks. 
Liking: our new home. No one really thought I would but I love the design. I feel safe here. Let's hope that doesn't change. Thankfully no one is peaking into our windows...let their animals run all over our yard...or watching us. It's much much better. 
Wondering: Why in the hell my step mom would cause so much trouble. She is a worse person than I originally thought. What woman in their 60's acts like an obsessed stalker? It's ridiculous. 
Loving: my true loving loyal family. The people that really has our best interest at heart. The people who really love us. That is what I am loving right now. 
Hoping: to get more time with Jackson when his busy little schedule allows. We miss him. 

Hating: That Harambe was killed.  I understand it was a child...decisions had to be made but it's really messed up on all kinds of levels. Give me 10 kids at the zoo and I guarantee none will end up in any enclosure. The parents should have some accountability for sure. And why can any child get into one of these enclosures is beyond me. I don't care if it's regulation or not. Clearly it didn't work. And a beautiful endangered animal who really was doing nothing wrong is dead. #justiceforHarambe.
Needing: a long bath and a soft bed. I am tired tonight. 
Smelling: the vanilla candle burning right beside of me. 
Wearing: shorts and a tee shirt. Sexy sexy! 
Pinning: nothing much. 
Learning: what icloud is all about. After breaking my phone and not being able to get to any of my video footage or photos made it a priority. Now I pay for Apple storage and it's worth every penny. 
Teaching: myself more control. Control over what I think, say and do. It's harder than one might think! 
Noticing: we really need a little tree in the back yard and I am going to find one. Even though we are renting, I don't mind planting something that will hopefully be there forever. 
Tasting: watermelon that was served with dinner. :)
Knowing: that my kids love me. Nothing anyone says can change that. And really that's all that matters. 
Thinking: about Emily and Martin from the Freckled Fox. A beautiful family really going through a hard time right now. 
Opening: a bottle of wine tonight...I think! 
Giggling: a lot more. I mean seriously a lot more. I thought this move would be awful but I smile more and laugh more now than ever! 
Feeling: happy, content, motivated to get up and do it better each day. 
May: turned out much better than I thought. Scott and I did hit a bumpy patch at first but we made time for each other and working hard to keep our marriage strong. Indiana has been much better than expected. It started warming up in May making me a very happy girl! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the video and blog post. I love doing these reflection videos. It really gives me the opportunity to look back and ahead at the same time. xx