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January 27, 2015

Late night hello to you all! I finally got this video uploaded and wanted to share it with you guys before I go to bed. :) So many of you always have questions for both Scott and I so we asked YOU what you wanted to know so here you go! Hope you enjoy.

Thank you so much for watching! And most of all, thank you for joining in and sending in your questions. We love you guys and it means so much that you are sharing our lives with us. Have a great Tuesday.

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Have a beautiful and blessed night. Please stay warm...and bring in any outside animals. The weather is just too cold for them. ♥ I'll see ya tomorrow! 

Tuesday Talk & Truths

January 27, 2015

Hello everyone! Here's another edition of Tuesday Talk & Truths. Hope you enjoy. 

I don't know about you guys but I am getting tired of all the bad weather. I have dealt with winter better this year but my patience is wearing thin. However, we don't have it as bad as some others. I hope you guys are all staying warm today. 

I can't stand the facebook other email box. I forget to check it and I hate leaving people waiting. I don't even know how to stop them from going into that folder and it frustrates me to no end.

Scott is home with me today and I happy about it. I hate all the hours he works. I wish we were just independently wealthy so we could spend lots more time together...and travel.  Yep.. that would be nice. However, today we have been out running errands and it's nice to finally be back home. 

We did however record a new question and answer video for you guys today! It's saving now and still needs to get uploaded but stay tuned... it will be on youtube later tonight. 

You guys think I was joking about living next to Russian Spies. Well, this story might just change your mind. Yep... they are here and always have been. 

I get so tired of the picky people who complain about my food hauls. I wonder if they have ever had a ho ho or twinkle in their lives. Seriously... I feel sorry for people who eat so clean. It would be complete torture for me. However, I am not going to apologize for the food I buy my family. When you pay for my groceries, you can have a say. Sorry.. it's just how it is. 

I need a new printer. Mine works ok but I really want a better one. However, that is something I have to save up for. Do not use credit card. Do not use credit card. Do not use credit card! 

I miss my mom. I sometimes just feel like I need her. I guess that will never go away. It's hard living in different states. Same goes for my sister and sister in law. Speaking of sister in laws. I another one who is pretty cool too. But being away from everyone is hard. 

I was suppose to send an email to my mother in law and lost her email address. Gosh. I just remembered that. She needs the cruise info so she can buy her tickets too. I guess I need to call her about it later today. 

I think I am going to start paying someone like my best friend or mom to start answering emails, youtube comments, blog comments and help out with social media. Its no secret that I am starting to generate a monthly income with my blog and youtube channel but its hard to keep up with everything. I think my best friend or my mom would be great at it because they think like I do and I trust them both. Its hard to think about giving up control though. Idk. Still something I am thinking about. 

I still haven't been sleeping. I just want to scream when its 5am and I am tossing and turning...NOT sleeping. It's awful. I either sleep late and mess up my plans for the day or I wake up a couple of hours later and be tired and grumpy all day. What gives? I guess it's time to go back to the Dr. and get some serious sleep meds so I can get back on track. Oh and the Aleve PM does NOT work near as well as Advil PM. Take note and don't buy it... it's a total waste. 

I wish I could buy controlling stock in Fox News so I could simply turn it into a second CNN Channel. Enough of the right wing crap. It hurts my ears to listen to that non sense. 

This story is remarkable... and proves cats do really have nine lives. What I don't get it....is how could the Vet have it so wrong. Don't they listen for a heartbeat? Got me.. but I am glad Bart is ok for the most part. 

My skin is so dry and sensitive from all this cold weather and dry heat. I am also starting to wonder if it's the laundry soap irritating my skin. I never noticed any kind of problem before but maybe I should try something for sensitive skin. Maybe. 

I'm back to make coffee for Mr. Jaggers in the automatic drip machine even though I hate it. The French Press is so much better but he hates waiting. So far it's going ok....and hasn't spilled out of the pot onto the counter. 

I kinda think Lance Armstrong should be allowed back into cycling. I miss him seeing him race and win. I am sure they would test him up the wazoo so I don't see the issue. Isn't this a country of second chances?

Tomorrow Scott is leaving work early and taking Jackson and I to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey: Legends show. I am so excited....Jackson has never been and wants to go. I hate it because of the animals but I try to justify it by thinking the money we spend will go towards the care of the animals. I hope its a great time! 

I hope you guys are having a great evening. I am going to stay in and hang out with my two boys the rest of the night. :) I hope you all are staying warm and I really hope you bring in any animals that are outside. It's just too cold for them to be outside.  In our neigborhood we have a ton of outside cats so some nights we barely leave the garage door open so they can come in and out but its just too cold for any animal to be out right now. A few minutes... ok. A few hours.... not ok!

I should be back in a couple hours with a new questions and answer video with Scott! Come back and check it out!

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What's Cookin' | Our Daily Meals | Video

January 26, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you all are staying warm. I have been watching the news and shocked at how much snow the upper east coast is getting. Thank goodness we are just a little bit further down so we are experiencing cold weather but nothing like that. So if you are jammed up in the house and need something to do why not check out our latest daily meals. This videos are to encourage you to menu plan, help inspire you with maybe different meals than what you normally make and I show them in vlog style so you can actually see me cooking. So sit back and have a watch! :) 

I didn't have as many dinners in this video as before just because we were traveling and I am serving leftovers when I can. A lot of times I make more with the intentions of having it again....maybe in a different kind of way later in the week. It gives me a break from the kitchen and stops us from wasting so much food. It's really one of the main reasons we have been so good with the grocery budget. If you are new here, I hope you take a second and subscribe to both my instagram feed and my youtube channel. Besides here, that's where you can find me the most! :)


Have a beautiful and blessed night. Please stay warm...and bring in any outside animals. The weather is just too cold for them. ♥ I'll see ya tomorrow with another Tuesday Talk and Truths Blog post and new video!

Day in the Life Vlog: January 23-26, 2015 | I love my Family! | * with To Do's!

January 26, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. As many of you know... I post a week in review recapping what happened over the week & weekend. Its something that I have been doing off and on for years. Its just a simple way to give you guys a glimpse into our week. I have changed up the vlogging schedule where I will be uploading a Day in the life vlog Monday...as always and then another on Thursday. Monday's vlog will cover Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the previous week and Thursdays vlog will be for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Actually I might be adding more vlogs in during the week...depending on how much I vlog. 

Here's what went on around here this past week:

Today has already been a busy day for me. I have ran some errands and went to an appointment, kinda picked up the 2nd floor, and devoured a pot of coffee. Actually, I just made a new pot and enjoying another cup right now. So this vlog is a bit long...so if you need to escape some Monday Madness....come spend an hour with us!

At the beginning of the week, there was a lot of planning. I had to get my head together for the busy week that laid ahead. It's amazing the amount of work I do online and in my planners. I never feel caught up but I had a good game plan for us put together. As the days got a little warmer, the nights still have been so cold. Warm fires, hot tea and cozy socks have totally been keeping me and the boys through the winter nights. I am so ready for spring. Speaking of tea, I have been in looooove with the Mighty Leaf tea in Organic Spring Jasmine. Its one of the best teas I have ever tasted. Its a must try if you love tea! Another thing that happened at the beginning of the week was one of our fish...the black one is having some issues. I am not sure what is going on with him but I think he is dying. I bought a lot of stuff to help him but I have noticed much of a difference yet. I think he might be dying. Idk.

Before I knew it, I was dragging out the suitcases and getting us packed up for our Louisiana trip. It wasn't a vacation or anything. We have some issues going on with our son and had to go down to a court hearing. We drove 10 hours one way down there and finally flopped in a hotel bed on Wednesday night and quickly fell asleep. The next morning we got up and headed to the court house. I can't really speak of the details but I will say things went better from expected. We were able to see him and hold him. It was so much better than expected. Right after the hearing we were back in the car and heading home. I love Atlanta at night. Its such a big city that goes on and on. It's quiet a beautiful city. We were so thankful when we got into town and then even more grateful when we saw our house. I am not a fan of living here but it sure felt good to be home. Cooper was so happy.. all the kitty cats were smelling all our stuff and purring non stop. It was a big love fest and then we all settled into our beds ( it was after midnight ) and we just needed to relax in our own spaces for a while. After all, being cooped up in a car for 2 days is always harder than what it sounds. If you want to see the vlog from the trip... it's right here. Friday it started raining and never stopped. Scott went to work and Jackson had school but I took the day to catch up on computer work while it poured down. The rain certainly did nothing in terms of motivation.

Saturday I got myself together, got a list of the things we really needed and headed out. I really am trying to be more simplistic and not buy as much. It's not easy though. I was thinking about clutter and how I have been doing my best to get rid of things but then I had a light bulb moment...it's ok to keep stuff....just not in the hoarder kind of way. I mean, it has taken me 39 years to gather the stuff up that I like and love. So instead of tossing a lot of it out, I might just have to reorganize it better. :) But I am still all for decluttering....but just sensible.

Sunday came around and we all just had the most lazy, relaxing family day. It's nice when we are all here together. Sometimes it is hard though being the only girl in the house! But we had a great time just hanging out...playing games, watching movies, talking and having a nice dinner together. Scott works so late most week nights that we don't get to have a sit down dinner together. During the school year, I have to make sure Jackson has dinner earlier than 8:30 so...last night we were all able to sit down and eat together. I loved it with the exception of how slow my pickey eater eats. Where it takes us about 20 minutes to eat dinner, little Jackson normally takes double that. As the night came upon us, I so enjoyed Downton Abbey in front of a warm crackling fire. It was the perfect way to end the weekend!

This weeks to dos
  • Start cleaning as soon as I finish this blog post. 
  • Work on papers for social worker
  • Kiss the boys more. 
  • Mail Brittany's new phone...shes waiting. 
  • Pray more. 
  • Write thank you notes for gifts that came through the PO Box....actually need to probably buy some new thank you cards first! 
  • Bath all the kitty cats...they really need it. 
  • Call and check on Grandma. 
  • Go get hair cut before I start chopping it off on my own. 
  • Update pinterest. 
  • Put Cooper on the treadmill more. 
  • Bring in firewood for the cold week ahead. 
  • Clean up DVR's... a TON of great shows are coming on this week! When your a stay at home wife and mom sometimes the simplest of things are cause for excitement! 
  • Work on replying to emails and comments each day. 
  • Take a drink of water every 90 minutes. Just something I am working on to get more water in me. 
  • Put up laundry....story of my life! 
  • Balance the check book... a job I hate. 
  • Sit up straight more...I think its better for my back. 
  • Clean out under the couch cushions. 
  • Try for 8 hours of sleep at night. 
  • Check in on my sister in law and see what she has been up to! 
  • De-clutter closet. Time to change up my clothes...my body is not the same as it us to be and I just have to accept it! 
  • Look for a new puff quilt for the master bedroom. 
  • Finish some blog maintenance. 
  • Buy the ring I have been wanting. 
  • Start the daily challenges back up on Instagram. I took off a few days but got to get back at it! Do you follow!? → If not You totally should!  Instagram
  • Drink less coffee and more tea. 
  • Check PO Box
  • Organize Jackson's backpack... its a total mess! 

Here's some inspiration to take with you through the week:

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are having an amazing Monday. I have some more cleaning to do today...and I also have a bunch of emails and comments that I need to try to get to sometime this evening. Just a typical busy Monday. I'll be back later this evening with another video...stay tuned!

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Sunday Inspiration

January 25, 2015

Happy Sunday to you all. I hope your having a wonderful night. I am getting this up a little later than normal because it's just been one of those days when we have hung out together, watched tv, played games, and enjoyed each others company which takes precedent over blog posts. Sorry. 

Here this past week has been a roller coaster of emotions. We have been dealing with some kid issues that have shocked and hurt us all at the same time. We have prayed, talked, and found our way down south on a journey neither of us really expected. We were just going on faith that it would work out how we hoped. We have never been in any situation like this so everything is new. While I was there I experienced every feeling known to man. But I knew that God was with us every step of the way. I also knew that so many of you guys were with us...sending your love and prayers. Our entire family thanks you for taking the time to pray for us and for our children. It totally touched our hearts. It is because of your prayers that I think everything turned out the way it did.

The older I get the more I understand faith. God gives miracles to those who believe, courage to those who have faith, hope to those that dream, and love to those who accept him. I have always seen things with the glass half empty outlook but as I get older, I am learning that just a little faith goes a long way. Having faith gives you an opportunity to see things a different way. Knowing that God is leading the way, you just have to take one step at a time. Eventually all the pieces fall together.

Through this journey I have shared with you for your support, advice, and prayers. I have been an open book for years and while I find nothing wrong with sharing, others do. I responded to some of them in this post, but after thinking about it more, it probably was a waste of time. People are going to judge and criticize no matter what. I shouldn't waste my time because explaining something to someone who is dead set in their opinions is going to lead no where. Its hard because a part of this blogging and youtube journey that I have been on for over 5 years has allowed me to feel safe enough to share my thoughts and opinions on basically everything without any fear. But now when I sit down to edit a video or write a blog post, I am more cautious which is kinda sad. I don't write for them or make videos for them. I make them for us and sharing them with this wonderful community is just a bonus. Some might like it, some might not but either which way, I am going to continue to just be me and trust that God knows what he is doing.

" For we walk in faith, not by sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7 

My worries will get me no where. Most of the time we worry about things that never happen. Instead, I will continue to give all those problems to God and keep my focus on the most important things. I am still learning to control my thoughts but each day I push out a little more of the negativity and let the positive in.  Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for inspiring us...and thank you for sharing in our life.

I hope you have a great week. ♥

Weekly Family Food & Household Shopping Haul | Video |

January 24, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great night. I finally made it out and about and got our shopping done. I choose to go to my local Walmart. It's not a favorite store of mine to shop at but I wanted to save some money and I wanted to get a few extra things that I cannot find at Ingles. So if you need some menu ideas and want to see what we got, enjoy the haul below.

Thanks so much for watching! I love watching food hauls as much as I love making them. If you are new here, I hope you take a second and subscribe so you don't miss any new videos. See ya tomorrow. xx

Day in the Life Vlog: January 21 & 22, 2015 | Louisiana Bound |

January 24, 2015

Happy Saturday friends! I have a million errands I should be running but here I am at home...in the middle of the afternoon. Hopefully, I will get out the door in just a bit but I thought I would share our latest vlog first. Before you start watching some of our crazy life, I wanted to clear a few things up. 

  • Going through this very difficult time with our son has been complicated. We have never ever had a child in the system like this and we don't know the rules. No one has given us a handbook or guide on what is and is not allowed. 
  • Scott and I both have leaned on our family, friends and support system we have to help us navigate through this. YOUR comments, emails, advice, concerns, prayers, thoughts have helped us more than you will ever know. 
  • When we arrive at the hotel and Scott wants to flop on the couch and watch tv, I tell him no. Jackson was sleeping on the couch and wanted to lay down so I thought he should watch tv in the bed. No big deal expect for those who make it one. 
  • My relationship with my husband is in very good shape. We had a lot of time together before the kids and we have been together for 11 years. We are both here because we want to be. I think we both would say that our marriage is as strong as ever right now. 
  • When you see Scott ironing in his boxers, don't have a heart attack. Gosh.. I wore boxers as shorts in 20's... it's not a big deal. They look like plaid shorts. The things people complain about. Oh.. and I did offer to iron his clothes too. He just likes to do it a certain way. 
  • Another thing that has been said is I made him drive all the way so I could sleep. He drove because he wanted to drive. Seriously people...if you actually knew my husband, you would know that he does what he wants. He was awake and had no problems driving. I offered a 100 times. 
  • I thought my court room attire was just fine for court. I was comfortable and wasn't trying to make a big show. Scott thought I looked fine too. I was not testifying or anything. Gosh.. some people should just move in and be my dressers. Yea.. the job is open...but you have to do the ironing too! 
  • For all those who want to know what that red string is around my wrist for - here you go → http://www.kjaggers.com/2014/09/kabbalah-red-string-video-giveaway.html
  • I am sorry I said I am not a fan of Louisiana. I wasn't trying to insult everyone who lives there. I just have not really enjoyed myself there much and I am not a huge fan of the food or music. But I am sure there are many things I just don't know about that are great. Sorry.. totally didn't mean to offend anyone with that statement. You know some people don't like northern states because they are cold or New York because the people are mainly moody. Again... it's not a big deal. 
  • We are not suppose to talk about our son any longer on social media. Again, we didn't know the rules. So this is the last update on that situation. If you have a question you can email me but it can't just be public. 
  • I was asked numerous times how Scott feels about the camera. Well he has made many of his own videos. He has done reviews, recipes, vlogs, on his own. He is not a shy person and most of the time he doesn't mind. We even have 2 videos together coming up soon, plus the vlogs. He really doesn't care. 
  • For those of you wondering about the kids. Here's the breakdown. I had 3 before I met Scott. One with my high school sweetheart whom I am still friends with from this day. He lives with his grandparents. And then I got married and had 2 children with my then husband. We have let the kids pick where they want to live. My daughter lives with her dad because she loves her school, friends, and is in cheer-leading while Jackson lives with me. But that can switch at any time. Again, its up to them for the most part. Scott got married and had a daughter. She is 25 now and lives in Indiana with her husband and 3 children. And then he got married again and had another child who is 12 years old now who lives in Louisiana with his mother. We have no kids together. But we have blended them together and now we have the most beautiful family ever. Hope that clears it up for you. 

For some reason this video has received a lot of views and negativity. If you don't see your comment, its because it was rude and could do no good in any way. I am all for constructive criticism but some of the comments were not constructive at all. We have worked hard to keep our marriage together and blend our families together. We are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but we love each other and we love our kids. Hopefully I have cleared a few things up now... and you can go on and enjoy the vlog! 

Thanks so much for watching. I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. I seriously need to get out and go run some errands....so that's what I just might do! However, it's super windy here so I am in no hurry to get out there in that cold weather. And I bet the stores are crazy today. I am going to try to find my motivation and just do it! 

Normally, I don't reply to mean/rude comments. For the most part, you guys have been nothing but caring and supportive but there are ones who do not agree. While that is their right, I wanted to clear it up myself... in my own words. I don't know why we have to judge people so much. Scott and I are just a couple trying to find our way through this life together. It is far from easy but we are dedicated to each other and our family. No matter how many parenting books or marriage books we read, the real lessons come from experience. So I hope you continue to go on this journey with us for as long as we keep sharing. I have been so inspired and touched by the kindness from my subscribers. But there will always be a few bad apples. Maybe now, their questions/comments are answered my way. I am not going to fight through the comments and I am not going to make a separate video addressing them because they don't deserve my time like that. But hopefully this blog post clears things up for them or anyone else with the same thoughts. 

I should be back later this evening with a new haul video....stay tuned! 

Friday Letters ♥

January 23, 2015

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you are having a great day. I am back with another edition of Friday Letters. Hope you enjoy. 

Dear God, Thank you for getting family to and from Louisiana without any problems at all. I was worried but we put everything regarding the Louisiana trip in your hands and you protected us. My faith keeps growing from the help, miracles and inspiration you show me everyday. 

Dear Scott, I can't believe you did all that driving by yourself. You know I would have helped. I love you and I am glad we were there for your son. It was the right thing to do. Have a good day... see ya when you get home tonight. 

Dear Dad in this story, I would have been upset too and why don't people understand that dessert for lunch sometimes is so good! Even though she did have ham. I am sure though they were just concerned but you had many many good points. I am raising one of the most picky eaters on the planet... so I feel your pain. 

Dear Jackson, I sure hope you get those grades up otherwise your xbox friends are going to miss you. I know you can do better so no more excuses. Thank you for being so good on the trip. I love you. 

Dear Rain, I planned on going shopping today and you totally messed that up. I'm so staying in today and maybe I will shop right from the comfort of my warm cozy DRY house! 

Dear Jordan, I got so excited when I saw you calling my phone. You have no idea dear boy. I love you and I just want you to speak. Why can't we just start from here... right here... right now? I hate how you keep wasting time. I love you. Remember what I said.. 5 seconds of courage and your life would be forever changed. AND...you can love more than one family member at a time. Your heart just gets bigger. 

Dear DVR, you totally impress me. I leave for 2 days and all my favorite shows are waiting on me. It's a total love affair for us. Guess we are going to have a date while it pours down outside. 

Dear Coffee, looks like you are breakfast and lunch today. 

Dear Brittany, you were suppose to call me last night. I love you and you better call more. You want that iphone right!? Well before I send it, I want to talk to yooooooooooooouuuuuuu!

Dear You know who, I am so happy we all saw each other. We really love you and just want you to be happy. You looked great and it was a better day because of your sweet face. 

Dear Trina, I love having you as my sister in law. You are one of the best most loyal people I know. And it's just natural because I adored your mom. You had some big shoes to fill but you totally have done it. 

Dear Mom, we need to catch up! I love you. 

Dear Eric, right now you have a lot of people worried about you. Safe travels. Many many people want you to come home safety. 

Dear Trish, thanks so much for taking care of our pets while we were away. I totally trust you and appreciate everything you do. 

Dear Laura, I hope you got that cute baby outfit. I want pictures!!  I'll call and catch up soon. You make us so proud. And don't forget, if you ever need anything, you can always call. always.

Dear Romeo, I really missed your big furry butt! Your the best kitty cat on the planet. Sorry we had to leave you but maybe next time you can go again. 

Dear New Gerber Baby, OMG! So precious. I totally see why you wont the contest. Totally precious. 

Dear Shanna, I couldn't have a more honest and loving best friend. I love you and wish we were closer. But I hate the idea of moving back up there so why don't you just pack up and come here!? 

Dear Life, It's hard to get back on schedule after taking just a few days off. I need to break out my planners and figure things out. * Sigh. 

Dear House, you are in pretty good shape! Thankfully we didn't take a lot with us so there is a not a ton of laundry to do or things to put up. We also picked you up really well before we left so I am happy happy! 

Dear Louisiana Families, It was very nice meeting you guys. And oddly enough, you guys helped make it feel better being there. I know we can't talk about things but we can be there for each other in this very difficult time. We can lift each other in our prayers. I hope things work out for your families too. May God be with all of you. See ya next month. 

Dear Dad, I really want to talk to you face to face. I miss you so much. Now that you are gone, there are a thousand conversations I wish we could continue and so much more. Will you please come visit me in my dreams? Even just a few minutes with you would be better than nothing. I'll put a western on later today. Maybe you can come visit and watch one of your favorite movies. Maybe I am crazy but a part of me feels you stop in from time to time. I love you dad. Send my love to everyone there with you and don't forget...when it's my time, I want it to be you who meets me. Can you please arrange that? 

Dear youtube/blog and instagram friends, Thank you guys from the deepest part of my heart for all your loving support and prayers. I really believe that because of your prayers things went so much better than expected in Louisiana. I love you guys and you are just another extension of my wonderful support system. Thank you.  

Mail Call! Subscriber Mail, Recent Buys Free Samples + more! | VIDEO |

January 23, 2015

Hello friends! Happy Friday to you all. I will be back with another edition of Friday letters in just a bit but first I thought I would share a new PO Box video first. :) I made this video the night before we left and I made it at night so the lighting is not the best. I wanted to share with you guys some of my most recent buys, subscriber mail, free samples and other items that have arrived in my PO Box over the last few weeks..hope you enjoy!

If you sent something to the PO Box thank you so much. I have it for you guys. I don't ever expect you to send me anything but it is always so sweet when I get a card or gift that I was totally not expecting. I feel so blessed because of you guys. You have all been so kind to us and I couldn't be more grateful. xx

Thankful Thursday

January 22, 2015

Good morning friends. I hope you are getting a good start to this Thursday morning. I hate mornings and being we slept in a hotel last night, I didn't sleep well and feeling kinda grumpy but....

I am thankful/grateful for:

 ♥ for making it to Louisiana without any problems. The car rode great, Scott drove safe and all 3 of us arrived to the hotel safe and sound.

♥ that my son did great on such a long car ride. It was hard for all of us but Jackson did great.

♥ for having a housesitter I actually trust. She is super kind and helps a lot with our house and animals.

♥ advil....I had a headache all day long and I think the advil kept it from turning into a migraine. Yea, perfect day for that to happen.

♥ for Jackson passing all his classes this past semester. He barely passed some, but it's better than him failing. I just wish I could get him to like school more.

♥ that I have some of the most amazing subscribers and followers. I am not just saying it.. I sincerely mean it. You guys have been so kind to me. I couldn't be more grateful and I hope you really know that.

♥ Scott made me my cup of coffee this morning. You guys have no idea how hard it is on me to be up at this hour right now. But I am grateful, I am still breathing and still here. So no complaining.

♥ we get to see Zane this morning. I am not sure how things are going to go but I am thankful we can at least see him today.

♥ my touchpad on my laptop started working again. I swear this computer has a crazy mind of it's own.

♥ that before the sun rises tomorrow we will be back home. I'm a homebody.

♥ somehow someway, I was able to sleep through Scotts snoring last night. It was like I was sleeping next to a grizzly bear.

♥ for the wonderful support system of amazing women I have. My mom, sister, sister in law, and best friend are such strength for me. God gave me exactly who I would need to get through this life.

♥ for the slightly warmer days. I really need sunshine.

♥ that the hotel bed was super comfy even though I didn't want to get up this morning!

Thanks for stopping by this morning. I hope you have a beautiful day. I will try to post a video before we take back off for home. We'll see! Happy Thursday.

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