Thursday, April 20, 2017

Finally.....March Favorites! | Video |

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great day. I am back sharing a new favorites video. It's for March...and yes, I am running a bit late! I wish I had more time. This video should have been up a couple of weeks ago. Be that as it may, here it finally is. Hope you enjoy!

I felt like I looked horrible in this video. I am going through a lot right now and it was a looong day. I have had my hair done since. Thank goodness right!? Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I'll be back as soon as I can. xx

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Day in the Life Vlog → Easter 2017 ←

Hello friends! I hope you are having a lovely day. I am back sharing a new vlog and week in review. It was a busy week. I didn't always pull the camera out but I did try to record a little more. Here's how last week went. 

There were lots of little moments this past week that melted my heart.

Ryan is so good with the kids. He loves little babies and always has. They love him too.

Remember when I was complaining that Baby Roman just wanted men besides his mommy? It took me forever to earn his trust and love. Ryan walks in....and it's over! They love him and that means a lot to me.

Also last week, after a long day at work....I enjoyed a long hot rock pedicure.

It was so nice. Laura went with me and we just had a relaxing day. My feet, legs and back were hurting and it really helped.

And of course we had Easter this past weekend. I got a lot of little baskets ready for everyone coming to dinner. So cute...

I got the table set early.

And then everyone came over. All the kids were dressed up. They were really enjoying the evening playing around and eating candy.

What a difference a year makes. Last year I was with Jackson and Zane. We had a early dinner at the Melting Pot while Scott came up here and got things ready for us to move. I honestly would have never thought that there would be such big changes in just a year. But I am ok. Better than ok actually. I have really tried to get my life together since we split up and since he died. I might not have the big house. I might not have the exact car I want to drive. But I do have the love of an amazing family. I have amazing friends. I don't fake my emotions. I don't try to make things out to be better than what they are. I try my hardest to do my best and be gracious.

This Easter was filled with all the kids with the exception of Jackson. He was with his father and while that upset me....I just went with the flow. Ryan has been in my life so long. It just feels so natural for him to be around. Everyone at the table below, I love.

I have a beautiful family. I know it and I don't take any of it for granted. I hope you all had a great Easter. Thank you for stopping by. I am not listing out all my to do's for this week due to time constraints. I'll be back soon! xx

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Friday, April 14, 2017

New Food Haul | Krogers | Video

Hello friends! I am so happy today is Friday. I am busy around the house trying to get things cleaned up and organized. It's not as easy as it use to be when I was able to be home everyday. Now, I do my best to pick up each night but some messes, to do's, and laundry have to wait until my day off. So today I am doing all I can to get things done. That includes stocking up the kitchen with some much needed items. Here's the haul....hope you enjoy! 

I still have to do the Easter dinner shopping too. I guess I will try to do that tomorrow after work sometime. I doubt I will share another haul but maybe I will show it in a vlog. Thank you guys so much for coming to visit and checking out the video! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I'll see ya soon! 
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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Week in Review → Day in the Life Vlog!

Hello friends! It's no secret that I am behind on mostly everything when it comes to videos and this little blog of mine. This is not going to be some huge week in review like you guys are use to. Instead you are getting a " somewhat regular "....meaning nothing really exciting this week along with just a few photos. There are just not enough hours in the day! :) Here's what went on around here last week. Hope you enjoy. 

Life is pretty ordinary for me right now. Work...sleep...and repeat! But my schedule won't always be so crazy and hopefully I can get back on a schedule sometime in the near future.

On Tuesday of last week, I had traffic court. I hated the idea of even going. Court is never fun. It's never somewhere I want to be. I am always scared I am going to get the flu from the other people around. And I am always trying to find a way out of it.

Thankfully it wasn't as bad as I had imagined...right! I was there a total of 10 minutes and my ticket was dismissed. Fancy that!

That same day my boss bought us pizza's and it was so yummy. I had not been to Toppit yet being there are so many new restaurants that have popped up while I was gone. But I am really happy with my lunch!

They do a pretty good job of taking care of me at work. I can tell you this....I am never hungry! And if I am it's only for a few minutes until something is cooked up for me! Thank you Beth for this sweet surprise! 

There were plenty of nights when I watched Ryan sleep. He always looks so sweet and peaceful. I absolutely love this photo.

Those night have been followed by a lot of early mornings. However I do see some of the prettiest sunrises on my way to work.

There were also random Dr. appointments, running kids around trying to make sure they have everything they need. Jackson is really getting taller! I am so proud of him. Even though he likes to act like a tough guy a lot of times, I still see my sweet baby every time I look at him.

And he's pretty funny too! 

Some of my evenings have been occupied by the grand kids. Laura is working 2 jobs which means we all have to help out sometimes. And I love them so much that I am happy to help. Watching them grow up has certainly been a privilege. 

And guess who they really love! They were so calm that night. Then he walked in the door and it all changed! I think they could just feel his fun energy! 

It's important to me that our families like each other. I want us all to spend time together. I want family dinners, holidays together and I am so happy everyone has accepted Ryan the way the have. Mainly the kids. None of this has been easy. We are all just trying to make as many good memories as we can and see what the future holds.

Thank you guys for stopping by. I'll be back tomorrow with a new food haul. I hope you are having a great week. Hell, at this point we are already to the weekend! :) Have a beautiful and blessed day. xx

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Quick Dollar Tree Haul | Video |

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great day! I am finally back.... yes, I need to work on managing my time better! I thought I would share my latest little Dollar Tree Haul. I have always loved shopping here. I find a lot of great little things that help around the house and I love to save money. Here's what I got...hope you enjoy! 

Thanks so much for stopping by. I promise to work harder on getting more videos recorded. It's not a lack of ideas, but a lack of time. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day!

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Letters ♥

Dear God, I am thankful for you keeping my kids and family safe and sound. It's the only thing that I truly care about. Dear Ryan, thank you for everything you do for me. You have really brought me back to life. Thank you for your love and patience. Dear Romeo, I am working on getting you to the Vet and taking care of things. I plan on you being in my life forever. I actually want you to live forever! Dear Laura, I know things are hard right now. I know you are stressed out and tired. But you can do it. You can do anything you just have to work hard and stay positive. Dear Body, you don't hurt as much anymore but you do make a lot of popping sounds. I plan on getting to the Dr. soon and taking better care of you. Dear Jackson, I had so much fun with you the other day! I love you and I love how much you have grown up. Dear Hair, it's time for bangs and I know it. Hopefully I can make that change really soon! Dear Shanna, thanks for letting me know what was going on last night. I think of you all the time but we need to make more time for talking. Dear Smart TV, I still think you are such a big blessing. I love you and I think a TV hooked up to the internet is genius. Dear Brittany, I am so proud of you. I really am. You and your brothers are are the best thing I have ever done. Dear Coffee, you taste amazing this morning. Thank you for helping wake me up.Dear New Little Washer, I don't know why your order was cancelled. Now I am confused on rather or not I should get you. I hate carrying heavy laundry. I really do. I think I will just have to check out your warranty information and probably order you from another company. I was so disappointed when I saw that you were not being shipped.  Dear Mom, you look like you are enjoying yourself so much! I am glad all is going well. Dear Ex Sister in Law, I really don't want you mentioned anymore here on this blog. But I do want to tell you I don't know if I will ever forgive you for what you did in Scott's last days. I was with him longer than any other woman and I loved him. I would really tell you what I think but I guess it doesn't matter now and I am trying to be a better person. However, I am a person who doesn't easily turn the other cheek. I believe in an eye for an eye and guess what? Karma will get you and I honestly hope you feel the same that you made me feel. I hope you hurt like you hurt me. . One day your bill will come due. Dear Russell, don't ever forget how much I love our son. Dear Apartment, thank you for keeping me warm and safe. Dear New Computer, I have no idea what happened to the old one but you are so much nicer anyway. I am sure we will be spending a lot of time together! Dear Jerred, I know you are confused. Just know you will always be a family because of the kids. Dear Car, I still don't like you and still trying to figure out a way to get something better. But I am grateful for all the rides you give me! Dear Art, please remember the kids are impressionable and while they absolutely love you, you have to set the right example. I know you understand what I am saying. Dear Kimmy, figure out your next day off so we can spend sometime together! Dear Work, thank you for being a place I enjoy being! Dear Amazon, I wish your boxes would come in today rather than Monday. I really have no patience. Dear Blog & Youtube Friends, you guys make my life so much better. Thank you for taking the time to stop by...leave comments and always lifting me up. I love you guys! I hope you have a great Friday! ♥♥♥
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Week in Review/ DITL Vlog

Hello friends! I am so sorry to be at the end of the week posting this week in review. I feel like I have less and less time to get on here and share. I promise I am working hard on balancing out time. So this is how last week went... hope you enjoy! 

I am still trying to get caught up in basically every way. I have a pile of laundry waiting on me, this blog waiting on me, kids waiting on appointments to be made. Instead of stressing out, I am just slowly but surely getting around to everything. This week at work, I was given another day which means for a while I will be working 6 days a week. Thankfully I don't ever really have to work past 3 but it's just hard squeezing everything in.

Life is still going great around the apartment. I am thankful for all I have. For the family and friends that truly lift me up. I am doing well and it hasn't been easy. I have had to make a huge effort to stay positive. I dreamed of Scott for the first time here recently helping me believe he is ok on the other side. There is so much I wish I could say but at this point, it doesn't really matter. The kids and I are left here to pick up the pieces and go on. I hope to not only make Scott proud but also all my loved ones that are also gone. I know they are watching. And while it might be easy to breakdown and stay in bed, I feel a huge desire to push forward. I feel like with Ryan I have been blessed with a man who loves me again whom I adore. I know I am blessed and that is how I truly get through each day.

This is not my standard week in review. I am not listing out all the things I hope to accomplish this week because it's Friday already and I am actually editing a new vlog. But I just wanted to come share last week's. :) Thank you for stopping by today. I will have a new edition of Friday letters up in just a bit. xx

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Answering Your Questions | Video |

Hello friends! I know I am running late with everything this week already but I promise I'll get caught up with a new week in review in just a day or so! Right now I am sharing a new question and answer video answering some of YOUR questions. Hope you enjoy! 

As I mentioned I will do a part 2 very soon. Be sure to leave your questions on this blog post or the video on youtube! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed Tuesday! xx

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Letters ♥

Hello friends! Welcome to another edition of Friday Letters. Hope you enjoy! 

Dear God, thank you for protecting my family and listening to my prayers. I don't understand everything you do, but I am trusting you to get me through this life in the best ways possible. 
Dear Gmail Inbox, I totally killed you this week! Even though I know by tomorrow you will be full again, it feels good being caught up! 
Dear Ryan, watching you sleep right now while I woke on the blog just makes me happy. I love you are in my life. I know many people don't understand us. That doesn't matter because WE understand us. I love you sweet boy. 
Dear Chocolate Caramel Brownie Mix, you are proving to be so much better then the brownies themselves! I know that's usually the case, but your soft rich chocolate taste has been exactly what I need last night. And Ryan loved you too! :)
Dear instagram lovers, I am so happy that we are friends! I don't know why I am so obsessed with liking what you ate for dinner or wore to work, but I am! and also your likes make my day. the end.  
Dear Brittany, I am so glad you had a good time on your trip. Make time for your mother please. I love you! 
Dear future, I really am feeling high on life lately, despite a few curve-balls thrown pelted my way, but I am really excited to meet you, and I hope we can make sweet memories together!
Dear Romeo, you have this amazing power to make everyone fall in love with you. It's your gift! 
Dear Camera, I have got to get you out and get some videos made! Gosh...I feel so behind sometimes. 
Dear new acrylic nails, funny enough after all my complaining about having to re-learn texting and the clicking on my keyboard, I kinda miss feeling like a lady and not a 12 year old boy with no nails... Maybe we could be friends again?
Dear Jackson, I promise I am making all the calls and setting up all your appoitments. You run me non stop but I love you so much. 
Dear mr cold, no offense but I hope you and I never meet again. it was clear you didn't like me, and therefore I really didn't like you, so I think our parting was for the best all around don't you?
Dear Laura, I know I have already told you but I am so proud of you for making the big decision to live on your own. I know it's a bit scary but I think you will be in love with how free you will feel....just like I do! 
Dear Etsy, You are one of my favorite places to shop. I could get lost within you for hours on end!
Dear Rain, I love the sound of you coming down. The news said you would be starting around 3 pm and its now 10:14pm ( Thursday night ) and you finally started. I hope you rain all night. 
Dear bills, I don't know what I said to make you think that we were friends, but please stop just showing up in my mailbox uninvited. Its a little rude when you think about it...
Dear Scott, I think about you all the time. I still can't believe everything that happened. I hope you are at peace and I hope you know that I really did love you. I loved our family. I know the kids miss you too. 
Dear Netflix, Amazon instant Video, and my Smart tv, I love you all. The end. 
Dear Shanna, we have to make time for each other. I miss you dear friend. 
Dear Jordan, I hope you know how much I love you. I wish you would come out of your shell and come around more. We are all waiting with open arms. 
Dear Apartment, you are FINALLY feeling like home. Thank you for providing me with a safe warm place to live. I am truly grateful.
Dear Maekenzie, sorry if I seemed grumpy the other day. You guys were just loud but no different than the rest of the teenagers! 
Dear Mom, so happy you are traveling around. I think you and Don will have so much fun! I love you. 
Dear Hot Bath, you felt so amazing  last night. Thank you for helping make my aching muscles feel better. 
Dear Kimmy, so happy about having lunch together tomorrow! I miss spending time with you since I have moved. 
Dear Midori Travelers Notebook, you are still one of my most favorite planners. I will have you forever. 
Dear Critical Trolls, you know who you are. You guys should really find something better to do with your time. I am going to continue living my life no matter what you say or how you feel. It's just a giant waste of time.....for YOU. 
Dear Long Lost Mascara, you showed back up! Yea!!! So happy to have you again! 
Dear bloggy friends, your comments truely make my day, every day. Thank you so so much for taking the time to leave them! :)

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