Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Late Night Tuesday Truths

Hello everyone. It's late here...actually it's technically Wednesday. But since it's not Wednesday on the west coast....we are going with it! :) Here's another edition of Tuesday Truths. Hope you enjoy! 

:: My cats are fighting right now. They are running through the house....hissing, meowing and screeching like it's the middle of the afternoon. I guess their power naps paid off! 

:: I have done my best to not complain since moving here but yesterday we got a $225 sewer bill. Our water bill is separate and was $100 for the same time period. What the hell is a sewer bill I ask you!? In SC we only had a water bill that covered it all and it never costs us anything like this. And then I try to call them only to realize these nice sewer people get off work at 430. Fancy that. I am forsure calling tomorrow and finding out what this is all I want to know why in the world it's that high. I understand the water bill but not that sewer bill. I just imagine in my head that we are flushing the toilets too much! hahahahaha! Idk but I am going to figure this sewer mess out. 

:: Scott is clearly having problems sleeping tonight. He choose the couch because he is tossing and turning so much. He's awake right now flopping around. I feel sorry for him. Sleep is hard for me but not usually due to pain. :(

:: I had a nice walk early in the day only to buy Long John Silvers. Makes sense right? I thought so. 

:: Zane doesn't start football for a couple of weeks. For the past week or so he has spent a lot of time on the xbox and internet.....driving his dad crazy. I think we just want them all to have the childhood that we did. We played outside. We were not in the house watching tv or playing on electronics when the sun was shining. We weren't up our parents butt's all the time either. It's just not really that way with our kids. But we are trying to change that a little at a time. 

::  I am learning how to really communicate what I am feeling and thinking without hesitation. It's been kinda fun just saying how I feel and not making any excuses about it. When I say no, I mean it...and I feel good inside knowing I am speaking my truth. It might piss them off but not me! 

:: Summer TV has been totally sucking. I wish all the new seasons of all my favorite shows would come back on...soon very soon. 

:: Have I mentioned how much I hate doing my nails? It's always a hassle. But I hate spending all that too at nail salons. I just have to get better at it I guess. 

::  Yesterday I had to remind the kids of the chores again...which is 2 chores per day for Brittany and Zane and Jackson only has one chore a week because he's at his dads most of the time. Well with that friendly reminder to take out the overflowing trash and emptying the dishwasher they also got a warning. If I have to remind them to do those simple tasks, they will have to remind me to turn on their data or turn on the internet here in the house. And I won't be in any kind of hurry. And again, I said it with a smile on my face. :)

:: More terror attacks in Turkey tonight. 50 dead and 147 wounded.  I don't understand this world. And it scares me to know that one day I won't be here to protect my kids and family. 

:: I got an email from what I suspect was a troll listing out all the things that they didn't like about me. Bhahahahaha Yea ok. What do they think I will do. Change everything they mentioned? No way in hell am I doing that. Instead they got a very sweet email back thanking them for taking the time to write me. Again....the art of  " bitchcraft " happening in full force here lately. Most of the time I am a loose cannon with my mouth. No one knows what to do when I don't react like I normally would. Don't get me wrong....I still have all those thoughts in my head but they are not coming out of my mouth. 

:: I miss Jackson. I know he is happy at his dads. He is getting more mature and growing up so fast. Tomorrow today is soccer practice! :) 

:: I am already talking to Scott about how this next school year ( starting July 27 ) is going to be. Lots of driving. Lots of sports activities. I am a little nervous about driving in winter but Scott said he would handle the driving on those days. It scares me to think about driving the roads when they are snowy and icy. No thank you. I will totally be a winter hermit as much as possible! 

:: I am still loving my bullet journal. I did have to switch out of the grey one because a accident happened and coffee got spilt and it soaked through the pages. Thanks kitty cats....I still love you though! And maybe it was for the best anyway. 

:: I have been drinking a little apple cider vinegar everyday. It's harsh some mornings but I find drinking it in warm water...not hot but warm with a little lemon is a bit easier. I drink it fast to get it in me so I can move on to coffee. I'll probably make a video soon explaining it all soon. From what I understand there are lots of health benefits. It can't hurt so I added it into my morning routine. 

:: My hair is at that weird state. It's not so easy growing out an angled bob. It's all different lengths and it's starting to wing out in the back some but I'm dealing with it. Today I just let it do it's own thing....which looked crazy. Thankfully my hair tends to grow fast. 

:: We are having a cookout over the weekend and I never got the invitations made so I guess it's going to be by phone! I am so happy we can be home with our kids and family. If just all the kids were here, I would be so happy. However, Jackson and my ex husband have plans. Grrrrrrrrrrr.  Maybe I will just switch it to Saturday instead of Sunday and he can come....great idea! 

::  I am walking Cooper....starving him basically ( from what his expressions show ) and I don't making a bit of difference. He's going to be 9 in December and I just hate to do this to him in the last years of his life. But I know it's for the best....but it makes me feel awful. 

Thank you guys for stopping by! I might be late with this post but at least I got it done and published! :) I'll see ya soon with a new video! xx
Tuesday, June 28, 2016

♡ Recent Empties! ♡ Beauty, Household & Pets → June 2016 | Video |

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday. I am back today with a new video sharing our empties since our move. These are the things we have used up....with my thoughts on each! Hope you enjoy. 

I did my best to share a new items of variety. My husband use to think I was crazy for saving the " trash" but now he's totally on board and now we even have a special spot and bin for all our empties. :) I would love to hear about something you have used up and either enjoyed or not so enjoyed from this past month. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed Tuesday. New edition of Tuesday Truths coming up later be sure to come back! xx
Monday, June 27, 2016

Week in Review w/ DITL Vlog & Weekly To Do's June 20-27, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. I am back today sharing a new week in review. This is where I share bits and pieces of the past week. Hope you enjoy! More is below...

We had a really nice week. We had pretty good weather and all the kids were more active outside. Coming up here in the warmer months I think was wise. The evenings are beautiful. I am still feeling so blessed to be here with our kids and family. I can't believe how fast summer is happening. The kids last day of school was May 27 and they start back up July 27. They are considered to go all year around....something new since I went to school here. Back to school " everything " is going to happen much earlier for us this year. A new schedule for a new but old city! 

Here's a few things I want to get done this week:

:: Water plants...the days are getting hotter and hotter
:: Check PO Box
:: Wash outdoor cushions
:: Clean ashes out of grill
:: Get to sleep at a better time....still staying up too late. 
:: Laundry....the washer always seems to be running in this house. 
:: Paint Nails...again
:: Clean up DVR
:: Order Brittany's Cheer Items....bows and bodysuits 
:: Scoop cat boxes....Yuck!
:: Start new house project....not sure which one it will be....but starting on something. 
:: Wash windows
:: Walk Cooper daily. 
:: Make a sweet treat for the kids
:: Get Scott to mow the yard.

Here's some inspiration to take with you. 
Thank you for stopping by today. I am taking things a bit slower but as soon as this goes live, it's time to get a lot done around the house. I also hope to record a video today or this evening for tomorrow so I guess I better get on it! Have a beautiful and blessed week! xx
Sunday, June 26, 2016

Friday Night Shopping Haul | Video |

Hello friends, I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday afternoon. I am back sharing a Friday night food haul. It was a long day but the kids really wanted to go, so we went shopping a little later than normal. I share some dinner ideas and the items we got...hope you enjoy! 

I really enjoy watching hauls as much as I enjoy sharing them. I guess it's a bit like buggy watching! Anyway,  I hope to finally be back on schedule with my Friday and or Saturday hauls. I hate going grocery shopping in the middle of the week. I was going to share a what's cookin' vlog but there is just not that much footage...and not that many meals. Sooooo...stay tuned for a new cooking vlog to pop up next Sunday! xx
Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Letters

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Friday. I am back with another edition of Friday Letters. It's been a while since I have shared one of these blog I hope you enjoy!

- Dear God, Thank you for watching over and protecting our kids. That's really all I want. Thank you for listening to my prayers. 

- Dear Self, You really need to get your act together and start getting to bed earlier. The school year will be here before I know it....and there is no hiding under the covers from that point on! 

- Dear Summer, I feel as you are passing us by. I think it's just taken a while to get settled in and I don't this is the year for a big family vacation....but I do want to do a few fun things with the kids.  

- Dear Scott, I love you dear husband but that snoring is driving me crazy! I think we are both sleeping a lot less now that we are back in the same bed. But I do like having you beside me....regardless of how loud you are! 

- Dear Jackson, You did great at soccer the other night. I am so proud of you for finally trying a sport. You will always be my baby. I love you Jackson. 

- Dear Emily, I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how hard it is for you and your kids right now. Just hold them close and know that one day you will see your sweet heart again. And he's with you right calm and you will feel it. 

- Dear Bare Minerals, You are hands down my favorite makeup. Seriously. I don't know why I even try other things. You always make my skin feel and look better. Thank you. :)

- Dear Mom, glad everything is going well with the dog training. I think it's the perfect little job for you! 

- Dear Donald Trump, Running a golf course IS NOT like running a country. You are so full of shit. The end. 

- Dear Brittany, You are growing up so fast. I am so proud of you. You are still the best thing I have ever done. Keep working hard to accomplish your goals and to follow your dreams. 

- Dear Neighbors, thank you for those American flags flying high around our house. I love looking out my bedroom window and seeing the flag. It just makes me happy so thank you! 

- Dear Cooper, I was going through your papers and realized you really will be 9 years old this December. You are such a huge part of our family and we love you bunches! 

- Dear Trina, Sorry your new camera isn't everything you would be. Hopefully you will find one that meets all your needs soon! 

- Dear Body, you have been feeling so much better but this past week, I have been more achey, sore and uncomfortable. Please start feeling better soon.

- Dear Zane, there is a big world beyond the xbox! Put down the controller and come join us! We love you! 

- Dear Indiana, Thank you for all the good memories we have made here so far. I am so happy to be up here with all of our kids and family. I can't believe I was so scared and nervous about being here. It's so much better than what I thought it would be. 

- Dear fitbit, I am so addicted to you. I think it's amazing how you can keep track of so much. I don't know how I ever lived without you! 

- Dear Shanna, I'm sorry that life has just gotten busy! I miss you and will make sure we have time to talk more! And yes....the new rug is really pretty! 

- Dear Cesar Millan, I am still obsessed with your shows. I love that our handy DVR is finding and recording all the old shows I have never seen before. 

- Dear Laura, I know you might not be happy about it but I am happy you guys are finally coming back. We have missed you! Drive safe. 

- Dear Bullet Journal, you are really working well for me right now. :) Thank you for making my life easier. 

- Dear Coffee, you were so good this morning that I am still drinking you right now! :)

- Dear Dad, I wish things were better between us. Sorry...your crazy bitch wife is too much for me. Wait till I tell you everything she has done. I know you don't know how to be a father and I forgive you for it but it would be nice if you could try harder. Do you ever think about them? You know who I am talking don't just bury your dead and move on. You are suppose to honor their lives everyday. 

- Dear Tickets, it's time to pay you but let me just be clear.....YOU SUCK! But I have to pay you or I won't be able to get my Indiana license. No more excuses. 

- Dear NASA, I want you to speak up and out a little more about these photos. I need to hear from you if these are true pictures before I really made a personal judgement. It looks kinda real to me but I still want to know those are exact photos from the Curiosity rover undoctored. 

- Dear House, I am still loving you. I am doing my best to get back to a normal cleaning routine and back to including zones in my routines as well. It's not the easiest thing to move into a new house and having to create new zones, cleaning times, new's a big job and I never feel completely done! Thank you for keeping us warm and safe. 

- Dear Kitty Cats, you guys are a little pack around here stalking flies and chasing each other around here. 

- Dear Hair, not sure what I am doing with you. Do I grow you out?? Keep you short?? Not sure. I am thinking I will maybe let it grow out to my shoulders. But I don't want long hair to deal with everyday. Shoulder length should be long enough. 

- Dear Blog/Youtube Friends, thank you guys for always being so kind and supportive. I have stayed in this community because of you. I love you guys. Have a great weekend! xx
Thursday, June 23, 2016

Quick Dollar Tree Haul! | Video |

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday. Today I am struggling to get everything checked off my to do list but I won't quit until it's matter how tired I am. :) Yesterday I went to our local Dollar Tree for the first time since we moved. I wanted to pick up some items for the cookout we are having soon. I found a bunch of items I wanted....hope you enjoy! 

I love those glasses I found! I love the color but today I get the pleasure of washing them all and removing the stickers on the bottom. Anyway, I found a lot of great items for just $1 each! I hope you guys are having a wonderful day. I'll see ya soon! xx

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

2016 Planning Series: Bullet Journal Introduction | The Basic Setup | Video

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. I am back today with another video in my 2016 planning series. I have loved sharing different planners and journals with you so far this year but now we are to the point where I want to start talking about Bullet Journaling. I want to break it down to the bare bones and share how easy it is to use this system created by Ryder Carroll. He designed a way of rapid logging that is sure to help us all in our everyday lives.  In the video below you will find the very simple system without a lot of extras.'s more simple than most would realize. Hope you enjoy the video! 

I know that when you online at bullet journals many are extremely decorated and color coded....but none of that is necessary with this system. I recommend really getting to know the bullet journal and how it works with the Index, Future Log, the different collections, rapid logging, using bullets and signifiers and finally pulling it all together through migration. 

Once you have the system down, then start decorating and such if you wish. But making it complex to use normally means it won't actually get used that much. So don't make it too complex at first. Just get to know the system. And maybe some of you are already amazing at bullet journaling. But before we start really diving into the subject of bullet journaling, we should talk about the simple concept of this way of journaling/planning. 

Because I am using this system again and because I love it, I am great Moleskine Notebook that would be perfect for a new bullet journal. So I am giving one each way to a couple of you lucky winners!  You have till July 6, 2016 to get entered. You do not need a facebook account but you do have to share your email. There are a lot of ways to get entered earn more entries! The winners will be announced on THIS BLOG POST. Good Luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed the video. I also hope it inspires you to consider using the bullet journal in  your everyday lives. There are so many different beautiful bullet journals out there but it doesn't have to be that complex. It's not suppose to make you feel stressed out to work in the journal. Instead you should feel at peace that you are accomplishing all of your tasks and staying on schedule. I do have my current bullet journal decorated a little but the analog system is what keeps it all straight! More bullet journal video's and blog posts coming soon. xx

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