Large Drugstore Haul - Video -

October 29, 2014

Hello friends! I am back tonight with a fun Large Drugstore Haul! I have not been makeup shopping in a while so I dug out a old gift card and headed to CVS. If you want to see some of the new items I picked out, enjoy the video below! 

Thanks so much for watching. Have you found anything new items at your local drugstore that you are loving!? Let me know.

Have a blessed and beautiful night.

Wednesday Hodgepodge!

October 29, 2014

Happy Wednesday Friends! Time for another Wednesday Hodgepodge with Joyce from over at From This Side of the Pond ....this is always such a fun linkup.. join in anytime! Hope you enjoy. 

1. My hubs spent last weekend pheasant hunting. Are there hunters in your family? If so, what do they hunt? Which of the following have you tasted-pheasant, rabbit, venison, duck, goose? Which of those would you most like to taste, or be most willing to taste?

Vegetarians keep calm and Hodgepodge on.

I grew up in a hunting family but that didn't turn me into a hunter. Really in this house we don't kill anything for sport. Now my ex husband and father are deep in it but it's just something I don't really think we should do unless we are planning on eating it otherwise it's just cruel in my eyes. 

2. What high spot have you visited that gave you a wonderful 'bird's eye view' of something below?

We live in the mountains so there are always great places to get a birds eye view of the area. One of our most favorite places with some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen have been at Lake Lure. 

We hiked hours up to that flag...exhausted ourselves but the views were simply amazing. 

3.  Do you have any birds in your home? These could be either real live pets or decorative, as in bird prints, knickknacks, fabric or pottery.

Nope not a ton. I like birds but we have 4 cats and there is no place safe in the house where the cats can't get to it. One time I even hung a big cage in the middle area of the room hoping the cats would cope and not get to it.. However, they were seriously swinging from the cage. I learned quickly there is nothing I can do to change a cat's nature. And for some reason...keeping a caged bird inside doesn't really feel right to me anymore. Maybe it's the animal lover in me that just hates to cage any animal. I do really like birds though.. so I guess I am just going to have to live with the little song birds that sing to me on a daily basis in the spring, summer and even now.. they are still out there every day chirping and singing. I totally love it. I need to get out some bird feeders to help them while things start dying down for winter. I am sure going to miss them while its cold. 

4. Tell about a time you 'killed two birds with one stone'?

Boy this one will shock you guys. But I recently found spy software that monitors everyone's phone in the house. And that's killing more than 2 birds. Yep.. husby and kids. And I don't keep it secret either. I have trust issues and I would rather know than guess on just about everything. And to be honest it gives me a sense of peace to know they are telling me the truth and it also gives me the stark reality when they are being dishonest. In my home transparency is mandatory.  Plain and Simple. And my little phone software is killing 4 birds with one stone! :)

5. Your favorite song with a bird in it's title?

When Doves Cry - Prince -

6. What most recently gave you goose bumps?

The other night I was squat down in the laundry room floor grabbing out clean towels from the dryer when I swore I heard my son talking to me. I even respond with something like " hold on "...I could hear him still rambling on about something and continued get them out. When I was finally done, I went busting into his room, asking about what he was saying and saw him sound asleep in bed. I can't explain it but it sure spooked me and made the hairs on my arm raise....so I guess that is kinda like goosebumps. Maybe I am going crazy and hearing voices but I really could hear him talking. Idk. 

7. Halloween is this Friday...any plans? Did you trick or treat as a child? Carve pumpkins? Share your most memorable costume.

Oh gosh... my most memorable costume would have probably been a smurf. I was painted all blue and it was messy and awful to get off. But I totally loved being a little smurf! I was also a smurf in the fall school festival parade but that time it was super cold and I was miserable the entire time! This Halloween I think Jackson might be going out with one of his friends. He didn't want to go but now he does....and I think I will be making some kind of spooky Halloween dinner! I think its still fun to do that no matter if you have little kids or not. Its a great simple way for adults to celebrate without a big costume party or going out. Oh! I think later this afternoon after school we are carving pumpkins! Husby is going to be off work early so hopefully we have a good time doing that together! 

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
I seriously can't believe how fast October has gone by. Soon we will be in another polar vortex freezing our butts off. To me it seems like we barely had a summer and now we are entering the shorter days and its going to be just that much harder to find motivation. I really have some big jobs to do before it gets cold like cleaning out the garage and getting the deck winterized and so on. Another sign we are done with October is little Jackson's birthday!

He turned 12 on Thursday. He is very eccentric and picky but we gave him the exact birthday he wanted and I think he was pretty happy with the way it turned out. He didn't want a party.. but he had other birthday demands that were a breeze to do instead of party planning. I can't believe he is already 12 years old.  My daughter will be 13 November 2...so the years are really passing by. No wonder I look different in the mirror now. Life is moving right along....at a much faster rate than I ever expected.

I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed day!

What''s Cookin' Our Daily Meals - Video - 14 + Dinner Menu Ideas!

October 28, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a beautiful Tuesday! I am back today with another What's Cookin' Video for ya! I do these videos vlog style showing some of the prep and cooking....not just your borning we ate this on Monday and so on. You will actually see a lot of the before had work and many of these meals are quick weeknight dinners anyone can make. Hopefully the video below gives you some ideas of some meals your family might like too. Enjoy!

I don't really post recipes to go with a lot of these dinners. A few of the dinners are posted on my main channel that were in this video like the plated meals and the chicken broccoli quinoa bake. And don't forget that you can get entered in the plated giveaway right here and I even have another giveaway going on with Bouqs flowers...click here for that video and giveaway! If you have any questions about anything in the video be sure to let me know! 

Have a great evening! 

Free Sample of Salada Green Tea & More

October 27, 2014

If you are a tea lover this freebie is for you! Head on over to the Salada Tea Facebook page, give them a “like” and click on the “Encourage Prevention. Brew Hope” tab to get yourself a free sample of Salada Green Tea + a coupon. Also $1 donation will be made to the American Cancer Society in your name. Hurry before they are gone! 

Week in Review October 20-27, 2014 w/ Day in the Life Vlog! - Happy Birthday Jackson! -

October 27, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. As many of you know... I post a week in review recapping what happened over the week & weekend. Its something that I have been doing off and on for years. Its just a simple way to give you guys a glimpse into our weekend. I also vlogged a little each day which you can see in the video below. I have been trying to move all my video's to my main channel including the vlogs but for right now I am uploading them to both channels. I think that is the best way to do it right now but eventually they will probably all move to my housewife life main youtube channel. I hope you don't mind but I have been trying to figure out a way to make everyone happy. I don't expect you to watch them twice but now you will be able to find my vlogs on both channels. ↓Here it is↓ Hope you enjoy! More pictures and info below! 

This Past Week:

So this past week, was mostly about Jackson. He had his 12th Birthday and it pretty much took up a lot of our time. Its hard watching the kids grow up so fast but it is nice to see them mature and grow into their own little people. I started out the night before and got the breakfast table set up for the birthday to start his day off good. That also meant that I had to get up early and get the candles on his morning cupcake. Scott normally does the morning shift but this was a special day that I dragged myself out of bed, lit some candles and showed Jackson how much I love him. He didn't get to eat the cupcake for breakfast but we put in it his lunch. :) Once the boys left, the mess was much enjoyed by all the kitty cats. They loved it...but I had to watch out for them trying to eat the paper and strings.

I was happy that his day started off well and I went back to bed. Later that evening we had another birthday celebration with Jackson's personalized cookie cake. This year he wanted a cookie cake with " Jackson is the Best " with Hershey kisses around the outside! How descriptive he was really was kinda funny...But he got it! 

I can't believe how fast the time is passing. Jackson just turned 12....Brittany Belle is soon to be 13 in less than a week so the years are passing us by. They are not babies any longer and becoming so much more independent. But I have a feeling the teenage years are going to be hell! 

Over the weekend, I got a few projects done including cleaning many of my makeup brushes. They were totally overdue for a good cleaning which took close to an hour. When I was done I was totally happy to have fresh clean makeup brushes. I actually bought a few more... just stay tuned for a haul coming up soon! 

For some reason our garage door stopped working. Scott is not too handy at all but I was glad he was able to get it fixed pretty easily. I guess some screws just came out. I really think most of the houses in our neighborhood were cheaply built. But that's just me. And do you see those beautiful pumpkins!? Our new neighbor friends brought them over for us. How sweet was that!? Omg... I was shocked. They are huge!! We are going to have a lot of fun carving them this week! 

Also this weekend Jackson went out with those sweet neighbors and their son Hunter to the lake to enjoy the day. It was exactly what Jackson needed. He loved it. I am really grateful they got him out doing things I normally don't do such as fishing. I grew up horses but we don't have any now so it was nice that he was able to get out and enjoy the beautiful day in nature. It was nicer than the day I had! 

This weekend for me was kinda disappointing in few ways. Scott has been working a ton of hours at work. Seriously. Getting up at 6am, getting Jackson to school around 7:30 am and is working by 8am. He isn't getting home until 8-8:30pm at the earliest. He comes home tired. I get about 45 minutes to one hour of his time before he is in the shower and bed. Even on Saturdays. So when Sunday popped up, I really had hoped we would spend some time together. And while he was home...we still didn't spend any meaningful time together. He was out mowing grass that didn't need cut while I stayed inside frustrated I felt alone on a day he was home. Yea... it was kinda disappointing. However, he had a free day and thought he better get some of the things around the house done while he could. That's totally normal. I understand that too. I guess we both just had different ideas of how the day was going to go...and clearly they were not the same.  I am very thankful he is working. I really am. When he was here off for 2 weeks in between jobs it was hard to enjoy the time because I was worried. Now he is working his ass off and never home, I still don't like it. Where is the balance? His work leaves no time for his family. It's nuts. And he makes a good living so it's not like he can go off and sell scooters and make the same kind of money. So I guess I just have to deal with it until whenever. Which is why Sunday was so important to me. Jackson was even gone all day giving us the perfect time to spend with each other. I am sure there will be better weekends in the future but right now it's hard. It was just a difficult day and honestly, I still don't feel so good about it. But I am going to try to shake it off and move on. Really, I don't have any other choice. Time to fake it till I make it. I have lots to keep me busy anyway....here's my to do list. I do want to say this is my list for the week...not the day!
  • Clean up back deck. From my normal view in the living room, it looks like crap. Gotta change the view!
  • Update chalkboard walls with menu and life reminders for this week. 
  • Do my weekly cleaning on Tuesdays. I just think it will work out better. so guess what!? No cleaning today. :)
  • Get Brittany's Birthday gift ordered. This year we are going for Uggs of course. Thank goodness I found a great deal on them. 
  • Menu plan for the upcoming weeks. 
  • Order more firewood this week sometime. 
  • Clean up and organize our spare bedroom. It really needs it. 
  • Make Jackson a Dr. Appointment...its time for a check up and flu shot. 
  • While the weather is still kinda of warm during the days, give all the kitty cats a bath. Even when I blow dry them, they stay cold for days. 
  • Remember forgiveness when it comes to my family...and patience. 
  • Quick clean up of coat closet. The boys have destroyed any kind of organization it once had. 
  • Deal with Jackson's school system.....which SUCKS.  I am thinking of moving him to a Montessori school... but still not sure.  
  • Clean the railings on the stairs. Its amazing how fast they get dirty. 
  • Delete old shows off the DVR....you know, to make room for new weekly shows! 
  • Spend 15 minutes each day in the garage. I need to get it done before it gets cold. 
  • Laundry....laundry....laundry...I'm always washing, drying, and putting away laundry. 
  • Work on the overwhelming job of sorting mail, filing, and paying bills. 
  • Remember to meditate in the mornings...sadly it did not happen today. 
  • Finish updating Sony drivers. I really want to make this computer run as good as possible and run as long as possible. I love this laptop and haven't found another that I like yet. 
  • Scoop kitty boxes....yuck.
  • Try to stay ahead with the videos this week to make things easier. 
  • Pray more. I have a very close girlfriend who had me crying the other night when she told me they are pretty sure she has thyroid cancer. I grew up with her and she is seriously one of the best people and role models on the planet. I would be devastated if something happened to her. I am going to lift her so high in my prayers and I hope you will too. ♥ 
  • Pre order some Christmas gifts that I think a lot of family members will like. 
  • Call my sister. We haven't talked in days... hummmmmm. what is going on with you Laci Renee!? 
  • Be grateful for the little things. 
  • Dump photos on phone....its just running too slow. 
  • Brush Cooper out with shedding brush to get off a lot of that loose fur. And I need to continue to work his ass out on the treadmill. 
  • Carve Pumpkins on Wednesday! We love doing that as a family. 
  • Get Jackson enrolled in Karate. Yep.. he's going. 
  • I still need to cut the basil back. Another week has passed I haven't done it.
  • Dye hair... the grey is showing. 
  • Have more electronic free time. That's hard when you blog and make youtube videos. Social media is everything. But disconnected sometimes is nice. 
  • Write letter to my sons Grandmother...I am not wanting to but it's time. 
  • Make a fun Friday Halloween dinner! Stay tuned for a Halloween Vlog!

Here's some inspiration to take along with you through this week..

Thank you to everyone who helped changed that GFC # for me. You will have to watch the video around 44:05 to know what I am talking about but the number has changed...Thank you. You guys are seriously some of the best blog and youtube friends on the planet. People ask me all the time why I do this... I do it because I love it and I also love the friendships I have formed because of it. Have a great week.

Sunday Inspriation

October 26, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday. I woke up late today and still at 3pm I feel completely exhausted. Not such a good way to go through the day but I am trying to get as much coffee in me as possible and try to find some energy.

This has been a pretty easy week for me in a lot of ways. I am doing my best to be understanding of all the hours my husband is working but I have been a grump about it some! Its not easy. I want him to work....we need him to support our family but I miss him too. So I am trying to find some kind of balance with that alone. I am really trying to live a more God like life. However, I still have my struggles. I still get frustrated and lose my patience but each step I take is hopefully bringing me closer to acceptance and the grace I so desperately need.

I don't think you can get through this life even when trying to live God's way without having obstacles in the way. There are little moments through each of those challenging experiences where we can grow from. I think its less about the thoughts you have and more about the actions you take. I am a super great planner and normally I can execute pretty well my plans but I can't just make lists and hope life turns out the way I want it. I have to put some action into it even in the hardest of moments. I have struggled with depression for years. And before I had children, I could lay in the bed and not face the world. Now I have a children who don't let me just stay in bed upset. They have made me a survivor. Who would have guessed that 2 young children would be the best antidote for depression. Kids really are our mirrors. They show us everything about ourselves in such a clean pure way. And while they have basically saved my life many times, my goal is to get them to the point they are confident in themselves and their decisions. But it's funny that they are teaching me as much as I am teaching them. It's funny how that works out.

I think each day all we can to is our best. It's not always going to be right but if we can make the day after that even just a little better, and so on....life will balance itself out and fall in line on it's own according to God's plan. Just step forward and watch life work out. For me, my own journey has had so many mountains I had to climb, and believe me.... I still have a lot of climbing to make it to the peak..and guess what? That peak will come in my last breath. So until then, I have to learn to let problems go out as fast as they come in. And have faith that I am moving in the right direction because God is showing me. He is also showing you too. Each day we have the power to gain more peace, wisdom and faith. Don't waste it.

Get Ready w/ Me! Featuring Avon Anew Age Transforming Compact Makeup | Video |

October 25, 2014

Hello friends! Happy Saturday to you all! I hope its a beautiful fall day wherever you may be. Today I am back with a Get Ready w/ me video showing how well the Avon Anew Age Transforming Compact Makeup works. I figured since I had used so much of the foundation up, it would be a good time to go over my thoughts on it while I get ready! I think really instead of writing out a long in depth blog post doesn't do it justice.....so check out the video to see for yourself how well it covers and blends into the skin.

Thanks for watching! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend. If you have any questions about what I used or how I applied anything be sure to let me know in the comments! I have a big haul coming up early next week....so stay tuned!

Free Starlight Lantern Project by Kiwi Crate!

October 24, 2014

Here’s an interesting box for you guys to try out if you have kids! Hurry on over here and click on the Get a Free Trial button to snag the Kiwi Crate My Starlight Lantern sample-size project for FREE. Your kids will be able to create their very own lantern for a fun camping adventure under the stars and will learn about all the glowing animals that can light up the dark. I think this is fun for kids at any age. I got one for Jackson even though he's 12, he likes to build things. 
If the site is running slow...keep refreshing and trying. It took me a while but I was able to get it! 
NOTE: Your free trial project will ship within two business days. You will have 14 days after your trial project ships to cancel your subscription. If you choose to not cancel, you will be charged $19.95/month and receive 2-3 new projects per month with your Kiwi Crate monthly subscription. You may cancel at any time by calling (866) 639-6502.

Friday Letters ♥

October 24, 2014

Hello everyone! I hope you are getting along great with your Friday. Jackson is out of school today so we actually have a houseful of kids who are here hanging out.....so bare with me as I write Friday letters in a very busy day!

♥ Dear God, Thank you for giving me this body. I don't think I have taken care of you as good as I could have. Just last night I was running some errands and I was aching everywhere. If you can hear my prayers, my thoughts, or even read the words I am typing right now... please send my old body some love...and more importantly...keep my family and friends safe. You know how much they all mean to me. 

♥ Dear Scott, I know you are working your butt off selling all those cars daily but we miss you. Please try to keep your days's off and come home to spend time with us! Thanks for the new wedding band. I can't wait for it get done being sized. 

♥ Dear Laura, I am so glad you found your doggie! You put so much time into finding him. I can't wait to talk to you and find out how he came home. So happy for you! 

♥ Dear Honey Boo Boo, Thank goodness you are off the air. I don't understand putting such stupid shit on tv. I just don't get it. While I wish your family the best, I am go glad your show has been axed. 

♥ Dear Jackson, I am so glad you got what you wanted for your birthday. I love you so much....we love you so much and you are growing up and maturing each day. Your a beautiful person and we will fight for you, we will love you, and we will hopefully show you the right direction and then you are off to walk down your own path one day. Happy birthday baby. I love you. 

♥ Dear Cooper, I really think your workouts are paying off! I can't wait to go back to the Vet to see if you have lost any weight. You seem like you are feeling a little more spunky and maybe the all natural dog food is helping too! Glad to see you feeling better. 

♥ Dear Laci, Sorry I missed your call twice yesterday. Call me later today when you can. Love you! 

♥ Dear Chrissy Teigen, I am sorry that you got so beat up over your comments. Honestly I think you were right, One shooting in Canada and their world stops and here in America it's just an average day when that happens. I'm sick of Americans that are so dumb, thick, and not willing to accept that the rest of the world finds it unacceptable to be able to get guns so readily. And I am an American myself. I wish we were not living in such the dark ages in this country. 

♥ Dear House, you were freeeeeeeeezing this morning. I was too tired and lazy just climbing out of bed to start a fire so I went ahead and turned on the heat for a few minutes. 

♥ Dear Brittany Belle, I know you are nervous and excited about cheerleading competitions tomorrow. Try to keep your toes pointed, smile, and have fun. I know its stressful and I know its hard but its also suppose to be fun. Mind your manners and do your best. Everything else will fall into place. I love you so much and all I want is for you to have a safe beautiful life. I also can't believe you are going to be 13 years old next week!!!! Now that's scary! 

♥ Dear Friday, with a houseful of neighborhood kids here and Jackson out of school, it feels like the WeEkEnD!!! I can already tell its going to be hard getting things done today. 

♥ Dear Trina, I am so glad Vicki is coming home today. God bless you for taking care of the baby, visiting your sick daughter, taking care of your house along with working sounds like a super woman to me. I went out to 4 places yesterday and was totally exhausted. Feel free to bottle of that energy of yours and ship it my way! 

♥ Dear Ears, why have you been hurting so badly lately? Gosh....it's so uncomfortable. 

♥ Dear Shanna, Princes in New Albany... I have my doubts! Hahahahahaha! I love you and you are truly someone I trust with everything. Thanks for being such a good friend to me. 

♥ Dear New Neighbors, It was so nice meeting you last night. I don't like many people around here. I love my neighbors right across the street...really they are the only ones I trust around here but I sure liked meeting you and your husband. Your son is well mannered and we will have to get together again sometime! Thanks for coming over and introducing yourself. Many parents just drop their kids off and never want to speak...you guys came in, hung out, and got to know us a little....and you getting to know us a little better. It was actually fun! Nice to have met you. 

♥ Dear Romeo, How many times does it take for you meowing at my door to figure out I am not opening it. You tore my toes up the other morning so just go find someone else to bother at 8am. I'm not opening the door. 

♥ Dear Mom, Glad you are doing good. I kinda hate it that you are so far away. I wish I could hop in the car and be at your house in a couple of hours.

♥ Dear Mrs Porter, You were the cutest teacher at Jackson's school yesterday. Your adorable and I really enjoyed talking to you. Thank you for working with Jackson. I have to admit, I am not too impressed with the school system right now. Maybe next year we will end up putting Jakson in private school. Idk but you were such a joy to talk to! My husband and I both thought you were the cutest and reminded us of our own older daughter! Gosh...such young teachers anymore but that's ok... fresh and current is all good 

♥ Dear Jordan, I don't know when you are going to come around. If ever. But I want you to know that I love you but I don't support how you are acting. If you want us to buy you a car, if you want to be a part of the family, you have to stop with the dumb shit and start talking when you call. I seriously think its time I write Patti a letter and talk to her. If I had her number... I would have already called. 

♥ Dear Leaves, I am not a lawn and garden person but I wonder why we can't just leave you on the ground and not rake you up. Won't you turn into compost? Hummmmm...guess I need to do some research. However, if any of you guys know why we have we have to rake opposed to just leaving them....feel free to let me know.

♥ Dear Lone Survivor, I have watched your movie probably 20 times. I don't think there was a movie in 2014 that touche me as much as yours. Seriously..it opens your eyes to so many things and it makes me grateful for the men and women who protect our country. I think it's a must see for everyone. I'm sorry for all the souls that left over that operation. May they rest in peace forever. I have not read the book but I ordered it. Can't wait to read it.

♥ Dear Lindsay, thank you for your help with the blog and everything else you did for me. I know you were probably overwhelmed with all my emails. Thank you so much and I will do a giveaway of one of your pre made templates in a couple of weeks.....and hopefully they are not as demanding as I was!

♥ Dear House, surprising enough, you stayed pretty clean this week. However, I'm not sure I am even making the beds today! Ha! I just might not...and enjoy a day of no housework! :)

♥ Dear Blog/ Youtube Friends, Thank you so much for all your blog post that I read on a daily basis. I am totally inspired by you guys and I just say thanks. I try to leave comments a lot of times but just know this blogging community has been amazing to be a part of. I love you guys.... thanks for coming back and visiting,

Have a great Friday!

Fall Tag + Bouqs Flower Review & Giveaway!!

October 23, 2014

Hello friends! I am back today with a fun fall tag along with a fun flower giveaway! I think tags are such a fun way to get to know each other a little better. Rather your are a blogger or youtuber, I tag you all with this fall tag. I decided to go ahead and include my Bouqs Flower Review in full. Because after all, the big bouquet of flowers is very fall like. Well at least the 2nd bunch is fall like...check out the video to see what I am talking about! There is more below about the flowers and the giveaway form.....so get entered!

I was super impressed with Bouqs flowers. Their website was super easy to navigate through. They have a ton of beautiful flowers bouquets to pick from. They pride themselves on sending out beautiful flowers without all the extras such as over priced balloons, teddy bears and such. Just add on's that run the price right up. Instead they offer 3 different sizes of bouquets starting at $40 going up to $70 for the biggest grandest box of flowers. And shipping is INCLUDED with the base prices! 

 As you saw in the video the flowers come boxed very securely packaged preventing them from damage in transit. 

I think its so important how different companies package their products. Bouqs took great care to ensure they arrive as fresh and healthy as possible to your door step. 

The first box of flowers came and boy were they massive, beautiful and smelled amazing. However, to be very honest I was expecting something a little different. I'm not sure if it was me or them but let me tell you. Customer service was outstanding. They were quick to help me and wanted to make sure I was completely happy with my order. So instead of giving some quick discount code for my next order, they actually sent another huge bunch of flowers. This time they picked them out for me and again... I was surprised at how kind and helpful customer service was. So take note...if you do happen to order flowers from Bouqs, and they are not exactly what you had hoped for, they will totally help make it right. There was nothing wrong with the roses at all. They were big and beautiful, I just thought I had ordered something else. And in their kindness, they sent out another box of fresh flowers. 

You can see them from this top view on our breakfast table. They are sooooo beautiful. In the video I showed you how they came in with closed buds which really really insures fresh beautiful flowers that will last longer. It took about 2 days after receiving the second bunch for them to totally open up. 

People contact me a lot for me to try out products and review. I am pretty picky about doing reviews because if its something I am not going to use or really like, I just respectfully decline. But who could pass up such beautiful flowers? Certainly not me! I love that they have a handy dandy reminder service that can help your spouse or significant other send flowers without having to worry forgetting those important dates. You can also set up regular fresh flower deliveries for weekly or monthly if you love flowers as much as I do! And of course, you can order flowers for that just because occasion that anyone is sure to love. I wouldn't worry too much about the flowers coming in a vase opposed to the box. Most people have extra vases sitting around the house that they can use. I like not having to pay for the vase or all the other extras that just run the bill up which are not that important anyway.  

All the flowers I received lasted well over a week. The lilies are still sitting on our little breakfast table and look amazing! The only thing I have a problem with is keeping our kitty cats from eating the flowers! Beware cat owners, some flowers are poisonous to your cats so make sure they get put in a place where the cat cannot get to them. Nightly I move the flowers to a desk where the cats can't access them. They also love the boxes too! 

I am totally impressed with Boqus flowers and customer service. They were super helpful and the website was easy to use. And most of all, the flowers are so beautiful. I would recommend Boqus to anyone wanting to order flowers for themselves or someone else. What do you think of The Bouqs so far?  You can use the this link or the one in my sidebar to get 15% off your first order. Also if you pick any of the subscription services you can save up to %25.

Since I love fresh flowers so much, I am sharing the love with one of you guys. All you have to do to enter....is use the form below. This giveaway is going to last until November 10th, and the winner will be announced on November 11, 2014 on my youtube channel and ON THIS BLOG POST! So if you enter, be sure to come back to see if you won! Good luck to everyone! 

Thanks so much Boqus for sending me these amazing flowers and having outstanding customer service. It was awesome working with you guys! Thanks again. 

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